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Great Easter gifts for friends and family

Updated on March 27, 2009

When the weather turns pleasantly mild and the first flowers start blooming, usually Easter is right around the corner. Children wait the holiday anxiously, expecting great activities such as coloring eggs, opening easter bunny presents and enjoying lots of chocolate. Grown ups on the other hand, look forward to attending mass, enjoying time with family and preparing deliscious meals.

Best Gifts for Easter

-Easter Baskets

Easter has become very similar to Christmas, for the fact that gifts are often exchanged and children anxiously await the Easter bunny to drop off some goodies. The most common gifts exchanged for Easter consist of chocolate or candy. Easter baskets are very popular and are often filled with traditional Easter candies and toys. Some people enjoy crafting them themselves and personalizing them, while others prefer to buy them from the store or order them on-line. Whichever, the choice, an Easter basket remains always a traditional gift that children and adults look forward to give and receive.

-Fruit Baskets

With the weather turning mild and the anticipation of summer, baskets full of juicy, sweet fruits make great gifts. Fruit baskets are more and more eye appealing today, often resembling works of art. Some can be personalized and combined with balloons, or even flowers. Chocolate covered strawberries make a delightful gift and now they come covered in different types of chocolate, often hand decorated with pastel drizzles.

-Religious Gifts

For religious people that look at Easter beyond chocolate and Easter bunnies. religious gifts may be a great alternative. Rosaries have gone though a make over and now are presented in beautiful colors and gems along with pretty boxes. Cross necklaces have grown very popular and may be found from simple to elaborate. Bibles come engraved with appealing embellishments that can also be often personalized.


Nothing says Easter more than spring fresh flowers. Classical Easter flowers consist of Lilly of the Valley, pastel colored Tulips, yellow Daffodils and of course, Easter Lilies . Always be careful giving Eater Liliesto people owning cats as they can be very toxic to their furry friends. Flower arrangements may be personalized and can be accompanied with elegant vases, stuffed animals and balloons.

As seen, there are many gift ideas out there when Easter comes around. While the choices may appear overwhelming, sometimes one gift will appear to stick out more than another making it unique for the receiver. Easter is a great opportunity to appreciate others and giving gifts is one of the best ways to say ''thank you'.


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