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Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Money

Updated on August 21, 2011

Great Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Money

Shopping for great gift ideas for someone who loves money may require you to use a little bit of strategy in your approach to buying a gift them. Often these people can be extremely hard to buy for because they may have a higher standard than the average gift recipient.

So when buying a special gift finding either one they may use, need or better yet appreciate can have somewhat of a tricky side to it.

So what we are going to do here is generate some collective ways for you to go about your quest and try to buy for the person who loves money a special gift.

Set A Price Your Willing To Spend and Stick To iT

You first have to set the amount of money that your willing to spend on this person. Just because they love money doesn't mean your willing to spend all of your money on them buying a gift.

So set the amount whether it be $10, $100, or $1000 and do your best to stick to it with about a 10% plus or minus factor. If you say $50 don't go more than $55 remember you are buying for someone else so stick to your rules.

Make A List

The best way to narrow down what you are going to buy someone who loves money is to make a list of the different things that you notice they talk about or the activities that they enjoy doing.

Now this is where the fun begins especially if you are trying to gather information to buy them a gift without them knowing your secret.

If you first create a list then you can do a quick search for those items and get a general idea what the cost of items are going to be in price. So for instance if this person loves Skydiving and you want to get something that they would like or use then when they are enjoying their day skydiving.

You have to become interested and find out what is that would make their hobby that much more enjoyable. Something they could use but don't have.

They may say a trip to Switzerland would be great, so in this case you would just add this to your list but you may also choose to find something more tangible like clothing or skydiving gear.

You may want to concentrate on something more down to earth that they may enjoy so find out if they are they interested in things like:

  • tickets to a pro or college sporting event
  • how about a gift certificate for an elegant dining restaurant
  • a favorite concert or Broadway show
  • an expensive movie theater
  • do they like do-it -your-self home improvement stores
  • a gift card would be a nice choice then they could pick out what they want.
  • what about a tanning salon membership or massage therapy

Whats Important

Find out what is it that want or really would like to do but is something they just wouldn't buy for themselves. Write down the gift ideas that you know you even won't buy because this will help narrow the gift idea that you want to buy for them. Plus you may actually find that item on sale and turn out to be the gift you buy because it was on the list.

Gift List Ideas

Things To Buy
The Cost
Yes / No / Maybe


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