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Great Ideas for Disney Themed Princess Party

Updated on August 29, 2016

Know Your Child Before You Choose a Princess

There are plenty of Disney Princesses to choose from. The important decision is to make a choice that matches your child's wants and needs. Look up descriptions of the current princesses, using not just physical traits, but skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses that define the princesses.

An example here is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. A great choice of Belle is the child who loves to read, and has a strong sense of right and wrong. A child that spends her time in books would love this as a princess choice, but the girl who loves to think of being rescued by a Prince, dancing with her prince, and having a fairy godmother would be less than impressed by your selection.

Ask your child about the princesses. Point out their strengths and weaknesses and talk about them. My neighbors' beautiful blonde daughter did not care about any of the blond princesses. She wanted to be Jasmine because Jasmine did so much fun stuff, and she told her dad how she felt. A surprise party featuring a Cinderella theme could have been a disappointment.

Learn What Colors Each Princess Wears

Can you see Belle in anything else except the yellow dress? Snow White in anything save for her red, yellow and blue gown? Neither can your child. Each Disney Princess has a very distinct look, theme and color palette that is all her own.

When a child chooses her Disney Princess, it is important to keep the colors as close to the chosen princess color theme. This helps a lot with continuity.

Once a princess is chosen, look at images and see if there are different clothing items that the princess wears in her movie/s or in any other sold items. All of the Disney Princesses have a winter coat or cloak for example, and their clothes really are different from one another.

I also look at different images to see if their crown or tiara changes. Sometimes, it remains constant, and other times, there are significant changes. Also look for accessories such as purse, shoes, gloves and the like. Some Disney Princesses have them while others do not.

Decide on What Disney Elements to Include

How much of a Disney Party do you want to have? Will it be only the cake and the cups and plates, or will little girls come over dressed as their favorite Disney princess?

Disney party accessories are very easy to come by. Plates, cups, small favors and lip glosses can easily be found at dollar stores. This can cut down on the amount of money that is spent. If a table cloth can not be found with your princess on it, simply use her main dress color and purchase a solid color tablecloth in that color.

Gift bags to give to children can also be purchased from the dollar store. Fill with a Disney pen and pencil from the dollar store, a lip gloss and a small candy and you are done! Tie off with a ribbon and make sure that each child leaves with one.

Some dollar stores sell helium balloons, however, sometimes buying balloons from a party supply store can get you more splash for less cash. A balloon store near me runs birthday balloon specials all the time. I save the coupons for when I need them. The savings add up quickly.

If you decide to get a Disney Princess cake made for your little princess, look at the work of the bakery that you are going to use. Ask if they have done Disney Princess cakes before. Ask to see photos of those cakes. There are so many different ways to make cakes, from a simple sheet cake to a multi level creation that your only limits are your imagination, tempered with your budget.

Costumes or Play Clothes?

Many parents and grandparents absolutely adore the idea of dressing their child like a Disney Princess and taking breathtaking shots that will last a lifetime. Think this through. Children are not going to sit around like staid princesses, quietly and simply watching the day go by. They are going to run, jump, play, scream and yell.

Don't put your child in clothing that fits poorly, is hot in the summer, cold in the winter and a tripping hazard. I advise either wearing t-shirts with a princess on them, or normal clothes and have a decorating the princess shirt party. Iron on decals can be purchased for near nothing, and added to tank tops. Girls can have loads of fun decorating shirts with glitter, sparkles, sequins and more. All while being comfortable being little girls.

Activities for Little Princesses

What are some fun things to do with your little girls at a Disney Princess Party?

Here are the games I created:
Princess Finishing School. A contest where all of the princesses walk across a straight line with a book on their head. Like little ladies.

Bippity Boppity Boo-- for Apples Bobbing for apples is fun, but even more fun when you have to wear a tiara! Each contestant holds her tiara as she bobs for apples. The tiaras are cheap dollar store swag, but so much fun!

Pin the Wish on the Wand Like pin the tail on the donkey, Create a large felt sheet in which you place several hands holding "wands". Little lasses must pin a star or similar shape close to a wand. I make the wands extra wide. Close ALWAYS counts.

Princess Tea A quick game where the young contestants are on teams of two or three. They must race all the ingredients for their "tea party" to their table. Oh, there are obstacles. Sugar cubes (one for each team member) must be transported by a spoon, with the bowl of the spoon facing out. Cups and saucers are brought over on the head. The tea pot is carried on their back, they acting as a tea table depending on the outfits of the children. Be silly.

After all of the activities, all of the girls are given certificates, a graduation photo is taken, and that is when we do the cake and presents. It is a really fun afternoon!

About Me

I am a Disney Fan. I have been to the Disney Parks over 500 times. If you liked reading my Hubs, please don't forget to vote me up! I cherish all comments and I can't wait to read yours!


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