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Memories of my Family's New Year's Eve's Parties

Updated on August 30, 2012

A Night to remember

Now that Christmas is over and the present year is coming to a close, I'm often reminded of the New Year Eve celebrations that will be taking place all around the world.

I remembered as a little girl, my family and I would walk over to my aunt's house. It was brutally cold on those nights. The temperature had to be in the teens at that time in Chicago.

In my family, we would gather at one of my aunt's house for a New Year's Eve celebration. Each family brought a dish of their choice. There was this elaborate spread of different dishes. Of course there was the champagne and other drinks.

At about 11:50 pm, we would all gather around and listen quietly while one of my other aunts' read the 23 Psalm scripture; then my grandmother would say her prayers aloud. In the background was playing "Walk This Road To Glory" softly on the stereo. I can hear her words which touched my heart & spirit. In the background, I would hear the sounds of gunfire outside the windows. As the sounds of the gunfire slowly died down; my grandmother's prayers were completed. We all stood up and hugged each other, giving thanks to Our Creator for seeing us through another year. Tears of joy poured out and the champagne flowed into the glasses for everyone to toast in the New Year.

As the music played and we all danced, we all laughed and talked about the previous year and the resolutions we all had for the coming year. As I write this hub, flashbacks of all those wonderful New Year's Eve parties of the past are going through my mind. I miss those times when our families would be together during that special time of the year. I'm thinking, can I recapture those memories with my family. Of course I can.

I hope that everyone will have a happy & safe New Year!!!!!!!!! I posted a New Year's Eve fireworks video from Navy Pier in Chicago from 2010. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

2010 New Year's Eve at Navy Pier, Chicago


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    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      What a nice description of your family's celebration of New Year's eve. I love gatherings where everyone brings a dish of their choice to share.