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Great Solar Energy Gifts

Updated on December 21, 2017

Why Give a Solar Gift

Perhaps you know someone who has expressed an interest in solar energy. Why not give them a gift of solar power -- perhaps on the pages of a book that explains how solar energy can be transformed into electrical energy, or in a practical reference book on home solar power systems, or in a solar-powered gadget.

This holiday season arrived with growing worries about global warming. More people are concerned about building a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. Many are looking for ways to reduce their electric bills and lessen their personal contribution to greenhouse gases.

Your gift may put someone in your life on their path toward renewable energy and reduced electric bills.

Your gift to a child will help him or her learn about solar power power.

Solar Installations are Increasing Exponentially

You might wonder why someone would be interested in solar today. What are the trends? How rapidly are other people adopting solar technology? Well, the answer to that question is tracked by the American Solar Energy Society and other organization. The unmistakable trend is upward exponential growth, except for a few blips and burps during recessions. In just twenty years or so the number of "solar installs" has grown from hundreds annually to over 80,000.

The worst years of the recession did little to change that upward direction of solar installations. The fact is that solar is relatively resistant to economic upheaval. Way is this? Because people are increasingly seeing the value in solar energy.

That is why everyone should be learning about solar energy and the potential it offers to save them money and save the planet. Your own home may or may not be suitable for solar power. But you don't really know that until you learn and do your research.

Books are a good way to start.

Here are ten books on solar power. They range from from kids' books to basic explanatory books to comprehensive and detailed guides on home solar power systems.

Gift Books for Kids on Solar Energy

  1. Solar Power: Energy for Today by Tea Benduhn. (2008) 24 pages -- for kids aged 9-12.

Green Power Solar & Wind Power by Peter Lerangis. (2009) 64 pages -- another book for kids. board book including parts for a solar-powered car.

Solar Energy Books for Adults

  1. Solar Power Your Home for Dummies by Rik DeGunther. (2007) 384 pages -- a “dummies” handbook -- an introduction for the non-technical person.
  2. Renewable Energy Made Easy by David Craddock. (2008) pages -- a good overview of the sources of renewable energy.
  3. Power to Change the World: alternative Energy and the Rise of the Solar City by S.L. Klein. (2008) 372 pages -- takes you through the development of electric power to solar power and discusses a wide range of energy issues.
  4. Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius by Gavin Harper. (2007) 196 pages -- part of the Evil Genius book series; suggests 50 different types of solar energy projects.
  5. New Solar Electric Home: The Complete Guide to Photovoltaics for Your Home by Joel Davidson and Fran Orner. (2008) 471 pages -- takes you through the process of going solar, from making the decision to sizing, selecting, installing, and maintaining your system.
  6. Solar Handbook: A Simple, Practical Guide to sing Electric Solar Panels and Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar PV systems by Michael Boxwell. (2009) 150 pages -- book and related website assume no previous knowledge of solar panels; includes details, and calculators.
  7. Real Goods Solar Living Source Book-Special 30th Anniversary Edition: Your Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Living by John Schaeffer, President and founder of Real Goods the oldest and largest catalog company devoted to the sale and service of renewable energy products,
  8. Photovoltaics: Design and Installation Manual by Solar Energy International. (2004) 336 pages.


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