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Updated on November 7, 2011

We reap what we sow. This also applies for Halloween candy as well. Weeks before I make sure I buy enough candy to cover all of the adorable and sometimes questionable trick or treaters that blissfully ring my door bell. "Trick or Treat!”, two minutes later, “Trick or Treat!”, four minutes later, “Trick or Treat!”, one minute later….you get the picture. But for those of you that have dogs, you can imagine that it’s like the 4th of July for my dog Brando barking with every single door bell ring. I really need to watch that door bell episode again on It’s me or the dog.

So, my once full candy bowl is now getting less and less. I am beginning to see the candies at the bottom of the bowl that were not picked out as a favorite among the trick or treaters. I see there sad look. Unlike the more popular superstar candies like Kit Kat, Hershey, or Snickers, some candies just end up left behind. “Pick me, I’m yummy too”. Don’t worry Mr. Whopper, if a trick or treater doesn’t grab yeah, I’ll take a crack at ya later.

At last, its getting late, and I decide to close shop. I shut off the front door light. That’s the “I’m done” signal to possible trick or treaters. Especially the crazy ones that go around town past 9 pm. This is way to late for me. I have some prime time shows that I must see. I turn and see Brando on his bed exhausted now from door bell ring fireworks. He gives me a stare up and it seems like he’s trying to say, “I don’t understand why the people don’t come inside and rub my belly?”. Ahh gotta love the dog.

I plop my self on the couch. Wrip open the Twix bar, and as I am about to enjoy the 100th piece of candy of the day, my kids walk in the living room to show me their bags of candy. Bags of candy that they have gotten from a hard day of work trick or treating. Going from one house to the next. Taking turns ringing the door bell. Debating which house is the scariest and the lamest decorated. Deciding who has the best candy, and trading with friends. So I realize that I put in my time and my candy by giving, and now I see that the harvest was good. The candy bowl is now comfortably full again.

But before I can say stop, my kids anxiously dump ALL of the candy on the coffee table. Gum balls, lollipops, chocolate and all different colorful candies are spread all over the table. Halloween candy everywhere……Goobers anyone?


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