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Halloween Games for Kids

Updated on September 17, 2014

A child's Halloween party just would not be the same without games. Party games make the party fun, interactive, and interesting. Without games your child's guests will probably stare at each other mindless or become too rowdy trying to entertain themselves.

Choosing what games to play can be somewhat challenging. First thing to consider is the age level of the children. Preschool age children and preteens are on two totally different levels. However, there are some games that are great at any age. The following games are just a few suggestions for children of all ages. These games can also be modified to fit the age level of your child.

Pin the Spider on the Web

This is a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. With a black marker or sharpie, draw a large spider web on a poster board. You can then trace the web with glue and sprinkle silver glitter along the lines of the web. Next, cut out black spiders from construction paper. Then add numbers to the body of the spider with a white crayon or gel pen. You could also use glue and glitter to make the numbers.

When it is time to play blindfold each player, spin each child around three times and let him or her place their spider on the web using tape on the back of each spider. The child who places the spider closest to the center of the web wins a prize or a goody bag of candy.


Spooky Grand Prize Game

This game was inspired by a game from the Bozo the Clown show back in the 1980s. Simply gather ten cans of various sizes such as coffee cans and vegetable cans and decorate them with a Halloween theme. Another idea is to use the trick-or-treating buckets instead. Using a ping-pong ball or golf ball have each player stand behind the designated line trying to get the ball into each can. Have the start with the first can and make their way through all ten cans. Each can they make, they get a prize. Designate a grand prize for those who can make the tenth can. This could be a stuffed animal or a large bag of candy.

Jack-o-Lantern Bean Bag Toss

Take a large piece of cardboard or plywood and paint a large jack-o-lantern on the front. Cut out holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Next, make the bean bags using Halloween material or scrap material you already have. Cut out squares and sew them together, leaving enough space to fill them with rice, beans, or peas. Then sew them shut.

Players will then throw the bean bags through the holes in the board. You can choose to have level prizes or just one prize for participating. Either way the children will love this game.


Bobbing for Apples

This is a classic game to play around Halloween. Simply fill a large bucket or kiddie swimming pool with water. Next, add enough apples for the participants. Using only their mouths, they must grab the apple from the water. For those that do will receive a prize. You could even have a special prize for who ever grabs their apple first.

Another variation is tying apples from a tree or clothesline. Same rules apply; participants can only use their mouth to grab the apples.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Ghost

This game is played the same way Duck, Duck, Goose is played. Gather the children together in a circle and have one child be 'it'. That child will gently tap the heads of the other children saying, "pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin....goose!" The child who was tapped 'ghost' will chase the other child around the circle trying to tag him or her before the child reaches the empty spot. If the child reaches the empty spot without being tagged, the other child is 'it' and the game continues.

Scary Musical Chairs

Another classic party game is musical chairs. Set up chairs for the number of players except one. Instead of regular music, play eerie Halloween sounds or Halloween music as the children walk around the chairs. Randomly stop the music and watch them scramble for a chair. The last one standing is out and another chair is removed. Start the music again and repeat until there is only one chair and two people. You can have a prize available for the winner.

Pumpkin Dance

Teens may enjoy this one. It is inspired by the Native American Potato Dance, which is a social dance performed at powwows. Simply couple off the party guest and have them wedge a decorative pumpkin between their foreheads. Be sure to cut off the stem first. They have to keep the pumpkin from falling to the ground without using their hands. Press play on the music as they dance or step around the circle. The last one standing wins the prize


Having prizes on hand will keep your guests happy and adds to the competition. Most stores have Halloween party trinkets but if you plan in advance, you could order from a variety of prizes through Oriental Trading Company. You could also set up goody bags loaded with candy as the prize. Another idea is cookies and cupcakes. Most kids love coloring books. There are many Halloween coloring books to choose from. Craft kits are great for the older kids too. You can be creative with the prizes. Try thinking outside the pumpkin to make your next Halloween party a memorable one.

© 2014 L Sarhan


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      I love some of these, great ideas. I host parties every now and then for our social groups for Halloween and other holidays and am always looking for ideas-- I will definitely bookmark these.