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Halloween Gift Baskets - A Great Halloween Gift Idea!

Updated on July 12, 2011

Halloween gift baskets make a fantastic gift idea for Halloween. This article takes a look at what's available.

Why Give A Halloween Gift Basket?

Halloween is a popular time for celebration in the US and elsewhere, and many people like to mark the occasion with parties and gifts. Unlike other holidays, such as Christmas, people often like to give Halloween-themed gifts, which can present a challenge to the giver. But if you're stuck for something to buy this Halloween, a gift basket is a great idea, as they're available with a variety of different gifts inside, and they're easy to find too, especially if you shop online. Whether you're buying for children or adults (or both), and whatever your budget, you're sure to find a Halloween basket that will solve your gift-giving problems.

Types of Halloween Gift Basket

There's a large choice of Halloween-themed gift baskets available. Typically they will contain some combination of food, drink, toys, party items and other non-edibles. The baskets themselves may be boxes or actual wicker baskets, which are frequently decorated in black or orange colours to match the Halloween theme, or you can also get novelty baskets such as those in a cauldron shape.

When it comes to fillings, Halloween cookie gift baskets are especially popular. Often you can find baskets with Halloween cookies shaped like pumpkins with decorative icing, as well as regular cookies. Baskets may also be filled with sweets and candies, and lollipops (again, often shaped like pumpkins or other Halloween motifs) are popular with the kids. Adults might appreciate a basket filled with gourmet foods and party nibbles, or one with a selection of drinks. And if you're off to a party, a Halloween basket that includes some party items like streamers, masks or hats might be a good choice. You can often find baskets that have a good mix of both food and non-food items, as well as those that just specialise in one type.

Who Can You Give Them To?

Gift baskets will be appreciated by just about anyone, from children to grandparents. If it's a gift for an acquaintance you don't know well, the worry of choosing something appropriate is solved, and baskets also make good gifts for business colleagues – some sites sell Halloween baskets that are put together with businesses in mind! You can also spend as much – or as little – as you like, with baskets starting from $20 or even less, up to luxurious choices that cost much more.

Where To Buy Gift Baskets & Other Halloween Gifts

Halloween gift baskets are sold both online and off. You may find them in your local stores as Halloween approaches, but if you want the widest choice and best bargains, it's best to look online. You'll also often be able to start buying earlier online – great for those who like to be prepared and not leave things to the last minute!

Or - You Can Make Your Own Halloween Gift Basket!

If you're feeling creative, or you want a more personalised option, you could make a gift basket yourself. This is a great idea if you know the recipient well, and know exactly what they'd like. You could buy an empty basket that's already decorated with a Halloween theme (or a cauldron etc), or just decorate your own for an even more personal touch. If you have children, they might enjoy getting involved too! You can buy supplies to fill your basket on eBay and elsewhere.

So, whether you decide to make a Halloween gift basket of your own, or choose one from the great range that's available to buy online, it's sure to be appreciated by the recipient!


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      RalphGreene 6 years ago

      Great hub. Useful information.