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The Haunted History Of Halloween , Ghosts , and More

Updated on September 24, 2014

Taking the kids to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin can be a lot of fun.

You and your children can have a lot of fun going to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin to make a Jack O Lantern.
You and your children can have a lot of fun going to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin to make a Jack O Lantern. | Source

Trick Or Treating Is Still A Very Popular Custom In Most Parts Of The United States

Trick Or Treating is still a very popular custom in most parts of the United States.
Trick Or Treating is still a very popular custom in most parts of the United States. | Source

Trick Or Treat Safety Tips

1. Each child should have a flashlight on a string around their necks. Insist that the flashlight stay on at all times. Be sure that the string is sturdy enough that the string won't break easily.

2. Put reflective tape in a cross on the back and front of each child so they will show up in the headlights of a vehicle.

3. Know exactly where your children are going trick or treating and insist that they stick to this plan.

4. The oldest child in the group should carry a cell phone so you can be called if there is the slightest problem.

5. Drive the route your children plan to go trick or treating on while it is still day light so you can look for potential problems.

6. Be sure to tell the kids not to sample any of the candy until they come home and you have a chance to check it out thoroughly. Throw away anything that is unwrapped.

7. Check out your child's costume once they have it on. Is there anything hanging down that could cause a child to trip or fall. If there is tape it up out of the way with the reflective tape.

8. You really should know the people where your children are going trick or treating. Go to the homes of school friends, relatives, and neighbors.

9. Consider having and hosting a neighborhood Halloween Party at your house. If you want to you and your neighbors could rotate having a Halloween Party each year.

10. Your children should only go to houses that are well lighted so they can see their way around the yard where they are going trick or treating.

Check Out The Black Cat With The Pumpkins In This Slide Show

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Cute Black Cat And Pumpkins In This PhotoCute Black Cat In Pumpkin In This PhotoCut Black Cat And Pumpkins In This Photo Cute Black Cat Setting In Pumpkin In This Photo
Cute Black Cat And Pumpkins In This Photo
Cute Black Cat And Pumpkins In This Photo | Source
Cute Black Cat In Pumpkin In This Photo
Cute Black Cat In Pumpkin In This Photo | Source
Cut Black Cat And Pumpkins In This Photo
Cut Black Cat And Pumpkins In This Photo | Source
Cute Black Cat Setting In Pumpkin In This Photo
Cute Black Cat Setting In Pumpkin In This Photo | Source

Halloween Has Always Been My Favorite Holiday

Yes Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday of all time. On this page you will find Halloween Clip Art , Halloween Recipes , Ghost Stories and much much more. Plus all kinds of information about Halloween.

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The Ghost Cat

In 1991 I lived in St Augustine Florida and I worked as a Chef on the second shift at a local Cafe. Over time I became friends with a large Himalayan Cat that would follow me home each night as I walked home. He appeared to be very well fed and he had a collar on that said Mr Jeeves. I know that I fed him every night for many weeks and I began to look forward to him meeting me each night as I walked about a half mile from the Cafe home to my Apartment. Now while none of this seems strange here is the strange part.

One day when I went to pay the rent I mentioned Mr Jeeves to the older couple where I went to pay the rent. When I started telling them about the cat the man I was renting from became agitated and said we just don't talk about the cat.

Well I paid my rent and left wondering what was so strange about the cat. About a month later I got my answer. An older lady who lived in the same building I did said to me one day. So you feed Mr Jeeves to. I said yes I do and asked her what do you know about the cat.

The lady told me a story that made the hair raise up on the back of my neck and it was one of the most amazing stories I ever heard. It seems that 17 years before the couple I rented from had had a daughter named Helen who was 11 and that she had a cat a large male Himalayan named Mr Jeeves and one day the little girl ran out into the path of a truck and she and the cat were killed.

Both were buried in the same casket. The lady told me that a few weeks later Mr Jeeves was back hitting people up for a hand out. She asked me if Mr Jeeves had ever came in my apartment. I said no and she told me she didn't think he could.

After that on several occasions I tried to get the cat to come in the apartment and he never would. He also made it plain you were not going to pick him up. I lived on there for a few months and fed Mr Jeeves almost every night but he never would let me pick him up and he never came into the apartment. I also would only see him at night and one day I bought a disposable camera with flash to take his photo. Some how the cat knew. Anytime I had the camera the cat would never come into the lighted part of the yard. Only later he would show up looking in at the air conditioner window at me. Once I was sure I got his photo but when I took it in to the drug store to get it developed there was no cat in the photo. So that is my true story of Mr Jeeves the Ghost Cat of St Augustine.

How To Make Tombstones For Halloween

Spooky Ghost Story For Halloween, Ghost On The Greyhound Bus

In 1989 I kept hearing the story of a Ghost on a Grey Hound Bus. It seems that their had been a horrific bus wreck in 1979 just outside New Orleans and 7 people were killed including a 33 year old man named Bobby Morrow from Montana. When he was killed he was wearing all black and wearing a black cowboy hat. Now none of that is strange but here is where the strange part comes in.

Not long after the wreck Bus Drivers on leaving New Orleans and going west would notice at some point they had picked up a extra passenger. They would look up in the rear view window and see a man who they knew did not get on in New Orleans setting about mid way back on the right hand side. Many Bus Drivers left the highway or pulled over and went back to see who their extra passenger was. Most assumed that it was some one who had sneaked on the bus in New Orleans and was trying to get a free ride.But when they would pull over and stop the man would be gone.

It just so happened that I happened to be on a Greyhound Bus and saw the driver leave Interstate 10 and pull off on an exit. The driver came back and asked if we had seen the man in the cowboy hat. We had not. As far as I know the Ghost of the Cowboy dressed in Black is still trying to ride the Grey Hound Bus on his way back to Montana.

I asked the driver at the next rest stop if he had saw the ghost of the cowboy before and he said no but he sure saw him that time. He said when we were going down the road he happened to look up in the rear view mirror and he saw a man in a black cowboy hat looking back at him. He said that he had assumed the man had came on the bus in New Orleans and hid in the bathroom trying to get a free ride but when he stopped the bus and walked back to where the man had been seating the man was gone. Even though we told him we did not see the man he did check the bathroom. My girlfriend was setting there with us and she said that she had not saw the man in the black cowboy hat either.

It was on our return trip back east to Florida from Texas that another Grey Hound driver told us the story of the Grey Hound wreck in 1979 and told us about the man dressed in black with a black cowboy hat had been one of the people killed. That driver who asked not to be identified said that many drivers including himself had saw the man in black riding their bus when they left New Orleans. He was never seen on the way into New Orleans from the west but was only seen on a bus that had left New Orleans going west towards Texas and that almost always it was only the driver who saw the ghost.

Halloween - The Ultimate Scare

Scary Basement Prank

Making Halloween Treats

This week, Madeline's cooking up a ghoulish menu of tasty treats for your Halloween frightfest, including a massive chocolate graveyard sure to give your dental

Don't You Just Love Carving Pumpkins For Halloween

Here is a really nice carved Jack O Lantern on display for Halloween in this photo. Be sure to carve your pumpkin a week or less before Halloween.
Here is a really nice carved Jack O Lantern on display for Halloween in this photo. Be sure to carve your pumpkin a week or less before Halloween. | Source
Halloween Sweden. Candles are lighted on the graves of loved ones. Gifts of flowers and candies are also left on the graves of loved ones on the night of Halloween.
Halloween Sweden. Candles are lighted on the graves of loved ones. Gifts of flowers and candies are also left on the graves of loved ones on the night of Halloween. | Source
Halloween Bangladesh. People dress up in real nice clothing and go set at the graves of their dead relatives lighting candles on the graves and visiting with the dead relatives.
Halloween Bangladesh. People dress up in real nice clothing and go set at the graves of their dead relatives lighting candles on the graves and visiting with the dead relatives. | Source
Billions of dollars are spent every year world wide on Halloween decorations like in the photo above.
Billions of dollars are spent every year world wide on Halloween decorations like in the photo above. | Source

The Haunted History Of Halloween

Halloween is celebrated in the United States and a lot of other countries around the world on October 31. Halloween has Celtic and Pagan roots. It is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Most Americans really enjoy the celebration of Halloween.

Believe it or not but those first Jack O Lanterns back in Ireland were carved from large turnips with a small bit of candle inside. It was not until the custom came to the United States that the use of pumpkins for Jack O Lanterns became wide spread. I just love carving pumpkins for Halloween. You can use a stencil and trace unique designs onto your pumpkins to end up with some really unique Halloween pumpkins.

Halloween is most closely linked to Samhain which was celebrated in Ireland and Scotland. Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the start of winter or the darker half of the year.

The Celts believed that the veil between the living and the dead was the thinnest at the time of Samhain and they believed that the spirits of the dead would visit the homes of the living on Samhain which was traditionally held on October 31.

Places were set at the table for dead relatives and offerings of food and drink were left out for the dead that were passing by outside. There was a belief especially among the Celtic people that the souls of the dead could return home for one night a year and they believed that this happened on October 31 which was Samhain.

Most Celtic families would have a large Bon fire on the night of October 31. They believed that the fire and smoke from the fire would drive away evil spirits and cleanse evil from the air. The fires were built huge so they would light up a huge area and mimic the light of the sun helping to drive evil and darkness back. Most of the time the fire was kept burning brightly from dark on October 31 until sunrise on November 1. It was also a belief that the fire was a warning to evil people and witches of what awaited them in hell.

In Ireland and Scotland people would go door to door in costume asking for food and drink and this is where we get the modern Halloween custom of trick or treat. In Ireland peoples faces were often blackened with ashes from the previous years Bon Fire which had been saved for that purpose. It was a common belief that these ashes would protect the people dressed up in costumes from evil spirits or ghosts.

Black Cats also played a part in those early Halloween festivities in Ireland. But they believed that the black cat would keep away evil and the cat always had to wear a silver bell around its neck. This silver bell was to protect the cat from evil and to let the family know where the black cat was located. It was not until much later in history that black cats began to be associated with witches and evil.

In the United States Halloween is now a multi billion dollar industry. Several billion dollars a year are spent every year in the United States on Halloween decorations, Halloween candy, and Halloween costumes.

Don't Forget Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety is very important. Here are some great Halloween Safety tips to make sure your little goblins and you have a happy Halloween.

Each child that is walking around needs to be carrying their own flashlight with fresh batteries and you need to make a trip to Walmart for Light Reflective Tape. On each child's costume make a large X on the front and back of each little Goblins Costume.

Consider planning and having a neighborhood Halloween Party for your little goblins and their friends. Turn the garage into a Haunted House and be sure to provide plenty of refreshments and games. This way you keep all the children in one place and it will be a much safer and fun Halloween for everyone. For the older children turn the living room or basement into a Halloween theme decorated Movie Theater and show Halloween Horror Movies on the VCR or DVD player.

Here's a cool trick you can do to the popcorn. Prepare it according to the package directions and when its done sprinkle in red food coloring and shake the popcorn around. It makes a great Halloween Themed Bloody Pop Corn. The kids love it. At some point turn out the lights and tell them your going to pass out some spooky things. Here you pass out strings of cooked spaghetti and gummy worms. The kids will get a real kick out of it. You can of course make up a story as you pass out the worms.

Below are three videos on Halloween Safety Tips

The Spooky Apartment

We shared our Eddy Street Apartment with the Ghost of an old Chinese Man Ghost.

A few years ago I and my girlfriend rented a cute little Apartment on Eddy Street in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco. Even in the bad part of the city like it was the little one bedroom apartment cost $600.00 a month with nothing furnished. As we would be out and about most of every day we took the apartment and for a few days nothing happened. Maybe we were so tired at first that we missed it for the first few days. On the Saturday morning after we moved in on the Tuesday before at approx 8 am my girlfriend went out of the bedroom into the little kitchen area and I heard her scream and she ran back into the bedroom and said a old Chinese man is setting in the kitchen at the table. I jumped up and run into the kitchen but I saw nothing even though the kitchen was very cold. My girlfriend swore that he was there and I pretty much dismissed it and we went out for the day.

When we got back at about 7 that night I went to take a shower and when I looked out of the shower towards the toilet I saw a shape that looked like a human but not quite walk out of one wall and into another wall and vanish. I shook my head and dried off and went and told my girlfriend what I had just saw,

Over the next few days we saw the old Chinese man several times in the kitchen area and you would see a shadow like figure walk across the bathroom. But nothing seemed like it wanted to hurt us, When we paid the rent the next time we told the landlady about it and she told us that the entire apartment complex was haunted and that people had reported seeing strange things there ever since the great San Francisco Earthquake in 1906. She said that the old Chinese man that everyone saw in the apartment had actually been killed out in the street in front of the apartments when bricks fell during the earthquake and killed him.

We lived on in the apartment for five more months and we saw the old Chinese man on many occasions setting in the kitchen at the table. If you ever spoke to him or approached him he simply vanished. I do not think he had any thing to do with the dark shapes we saw in the bathroom. One really interesting thing was that you could accidentally or otherwise leave the bottom of the shower curtain out side the bathtub and when you would go back it would be back inside the bathtub. Many times we would leave it hanging outside the bathtub on purpose and try to catch whoever or what ever was putting it back in the bathtub but we could never catch the ghost or what ever was doing it moving the curtain. But you could go on into the bedroom and go back in a few minutes and the shower curtain would be back in the bathtub. We also tried many times to take a photo of the ghost of the Chinese man in the kitchen but when we would have the film developed he was never there.

Also from time to time you would be laying in bed and it would feel like a dog or small child would jump up on the bed with you. It happened to my Mother one time when she was spending a few days with us and it really scared her. So much so that she spent her weekend vacation in a hotel rather than at our Apartment.

Over all though it was quite an interesting experience living in the haunted little apartment. And the tenderloin area was really a colorful and interesting place to live.

Halloween Saftey Tips Video 1

Halloween Saftey Tips 2

Halloween Saftey Tips 3

A Ghost Story, Happy Halloween

True Ghost Stories

Great Ghost Stories

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