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Halloween Insight

Updated on October 30, 2014

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Yes, it’s that time of year again!

Everywhere you look you can see the signs that Halloween is here. Whether it’s the black and orange all around us or the kids with full candy buckets, you just can’t seem to avoid the fact that it is here yet again. In this article, I hope to help you understand this holiday and put some of the fears you might have to rest.

Behind The Name

Did you know that Halloween is not the only name that this day is known as? It is also known as ‘all hallows eve’ or another way to say it is ‘all saints eve’. Yes, it might sound odd to put the word saint and Halloween together, but they actually go hand and hand. Christians would tend to have a great feast during the day to celebrate. After the feast, they would get ready for allhallowtide. Allhallowtide is the time of year that people tend to celebrate the dead. This includes anyone from saints to someone that you knew that has passed on. During allhallowtide, they also have the part of Halloween that a lot of people tend to call it: all hallows’ eve. They say that when you are celebrating all hallows’ eve that you are using humor and ridicule to confront the power that death can tend to have. This is one reason why we tend to dress like the dead or something to make others laugh.

A Good Scare

Another thing that tends to be a part of Halloween is the fact that no matter where you look you tend to find something that might give you a good scare. One way that some people do this is to go to some kind of haunted house or haunted amusement park. This can be a really fun thing to do especially if you like to be scared. Most haunted amusement parks that I have been to are the ones that tend to have hidden characters around the park. They set up small haunted Halloween-based extras set up to try and give you a good scare. A haunted house can tend to offer more of a scare. A lot of haunted houses do have characters walking around just like the amusement parks, but as you get closer, the sounds from the place start to get louder. They can even tend to start messing with your head, making you wonder what lies ahead just waiting for you. Then as you enter, some of them make you stay in the dark and start flashing lights at you. Some haunted houses have some haunted hay rides and elements like being buried alive in a casket. This can be fun for some but terrifying to others. If you don’t feel like going out, you can always just stay at home and have a scare-a-thon of horror movies. It’s not a bad idea to invite people over for the scare-a-thon. If you ask me, it kind of fun to see how others react to a good scary movie. Just remember, it’s all in good fun and this is just a few ways that being scared is a part of Halloween.

Dressing Up In A Costume

One huge thing that is a big part of celebrating Halloween is dressing up in a costume. Dressing up has been a part of Halloween that the young and the old can look forward to doing around this time of year. The kids and parents tend to dress up and go trick or treating. This can be a great way to create childhood memories that can last for a lifetime. Another reason that people tend to dress up in costume is when they are going to go to a costume party. Going to a costume party tends to be a great way to get together with friends, family coworkers, or just to give yourself something to do that night. Dressing up also gives you a chance to use your imagination and be something different for a night. Plus, this can also create some great memories that can last a lifetime as well. This is how I feel that dressing up in a costume is part of celebrating Halloween.

Religion, Spirituality, & Halloween

The final part that I am going to add that is a part of Halloween is religion. This fits in in different ways for different people. Some take the time to just talk to the dead. Some believe it is the best time to talk to the dead due to all the energy surrounding them and all the energy people seem to be giving the ‘other side’ during this time. Some people celebrate by casting spells. They say that Halloween is one of the best days to do this especially if it is a full moon. Then you have the ones who choose to just stay at home and pray to the loved ones they lost hoping to get their blessing. These are some of the ways that religion goes with Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Well, I hope that this helped you have a better understanding on Halloween. I hope that when it comes to people trick or treating that you get more treats then tricks. Trust me – treats are much better! Oh! Have a happy Halloween!



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