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Invitation Wording Ideas For Your Halloween Party

Updated on October 16, 2012

On a holiday like Halloween your creative imagination may be put to the test in more ways than one if you plan on throwing a good Halloween bash.

We all know that Halloween is a real fun time of year, but trying to figure out what costume you will wear isn't all you have to think about this time. What are you going to put on your Halloween party invitations? I will attempt to assist you and give you some Halloween invitation wording ideas. Check them out below.

1. This is a cute yet simple way to convey your message on a Halloween invite. Incorporate different add-ons and various fonts to help convey a fun message. In the end, isn't that what Halloween night is centered on anyways?

2. This invitation style is sure to make your flyer stand out. You can make use of the stylish font ChopinScript to get the readers attention, but be mindful not to go overboard. An excessive amount of this font might be overkill and will have the opposite desired effect. Partnering a script font with a less complicated serif font like Felix is a powerful way to coordinate your message. On this particular party invite, the font is employed to spotlight the smaller pieces, although the essential information is readable with a less difficult font.

3. A party invitation can have an entertaining play on words and phrases. Using Boo-ze instead of liquor is just one fine example of this. You should use coloration and various font styles to spotlight the information of your exciting bash. Even though there are 2 display fonts used, make sure to not get a little too obsessive with this. Every one of the pertinent details are using the identical fonts (rockwell) as too many different fonts can muddle your message by making it hard to read through. By using a few key fonts, you will be able to spotlight the exciting details and yet still maintain space essential for other pertinent information by using a less complicated font for the readers.

4. The Invitation below is an excellent case in point of playing with your wording. Maintaining the topic of Halloween, we stacked up the written text in different shades, size, and fonts to catch our target audience. Use caution when attempting to duplicate this model. It appears to be the most beneficial if it is the key item on the page. Since this was obviously a trifold party invite there is more than enough room on other sections for your essential details which will allow much more wordplay for the top. In addition, try incorporating some creepy Halloween poetry in your invitation to help keep the concept full of life or death!

5. For a more child friendly alternative, this is an excellent Halloween party invitation. We made a decision to utilize the lyrics from a well-liked musical track so as to add a little style to the Halloween mindset! Also, these small creatures ended up the perfect effect! Note the tinkering with font, size, and color to seize focus on the words.

I hope this has helped you. Have a super safe and fun Halloween!

Check out these Halloween invitations below if you don't want to make your own!


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