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Halloween Isn't What It Use To Be

Updated on October 29, 2010

 The title of this hub just says it all. I remember the days of Trick or Treating 20+ years ago. And those Halloweens are nothing like they are today.

We use to get a pillow case, or plastic bag, get shoved out the door at sundown and roamed the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods for a few hours and came back with more candy than we knew what to do with. There were no parents with us, no one watching our every move. We were free kids on Halloween night. Gorging on candy between every house. Costumes didn't matter to us. As long as we had the candy. There were no "safe zones" either. When we arrived home we dumped our candy on the floor and went to town. High on a sugar rush for days afterward. It was the best time in a kids life back then.

But Halloween today.........Don't get me started! Granted I'm all for protecting your kids, being with them when they roam the streets and checking their candy supply when you get home for dangers. Because yes there are sick people in this world. And yes there were sick people 20+ years ago. But the extent that some cities have gone to have just taken the fun out of Halloween. And I'm glad I grew up Trick or Treating in the time I did. Because I'd be really disappointed now a days.

The city I live in, Ellijay Georgia, has designated a Trick or Treating spot this year. Yup, you can't take your kids to the shops or homes this year. You take them to a big field and hope that others show up with enough candy to please your little one. Or to the church parking lot where families sit with the trunks of their cars open and you walk from car to car "trick or treating"

Some might see this as pratical and fun and "safe" but gone are the days of going door to door. Racing from one street to the other. And gone are the days of huge bags of candy.

Halloween just isn't what it use to be and it makes me sad for the kids of the future.


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    • vietnamvet68 profile image

      vietnamvet68 7 years ago from New York State

      so true, the good times are gone, now there are so many restrictions for the kids its horrable.Kids just can't be kids anymore. Have we become to over pertective? I think so.

    • profile image

      Ron 7 years ago

      I agree with ya, the fun is gone. When I was a kid... so long ago we had a house on the route that did a bonfire and served hot chocolate to all the kids. I don't think anybody would do that nowadays.