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HALLOWEEN RETURNS: The Possibilities of Resurrecting Haddonfield's Past Survivors in the New Film

Updated on September 28, 2015
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Jerry Bradshaw, an avid music and horror fan, is an English major at the University of Michigan - Flint.

With the news that a new film in the Halloween franchise is underway - I thought this would be a good time to take a look at the possibilities this film has for really tying itself to the first two films of the series. It has been revealed that one character will return from the second film, Deputy (now Sheriff) Gary Hunt from 1981’s Halloween II. Let’s entertain the thought that the filmmakers could take it even further and bring back other characters who clearly survived the carnage of the original Halloween massacre in 1978. I have compiled a list of five characters who could easily make a cameo appearance if the filmmakers wanted to really tie the new film to the existing universe of the first two films.

1. Marion Chambers

(portrayed by Nancy Stephens) – since the events of Halloween: H20 are now being disregarded this means that Marion is very much alive and able to be of some help in apprehending Michael. She worked closely with Dr. Samuel Loomis, so she is the perfect person to go to when needing any insight into the psyche of Michael Myers. She could appear at Michael’s execution as a sort of ceremonial way of shedding the past and moving on.

2. Jimmy Lloyd

(portrayed by Lance Guest) – Jimmy hit his head pretty hard in Halloween II but we were never really told whether he survived the injury (if we follow the television version then we have our answer) Jimmy could warn the new generation of Haddonfield teens of the true evil of Michael Myers since he was there to witness it and lived to tell the tale. Whether or not the plotline involving Laurie Strode as his spouse is touched on it would still be interesting to see Jimmy even for a quick minute in the new film.

3. Tommy Doyle

(portrayed by Brian Andrews) – The return of Tommy was played with in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Wouldn’t it be even better to cast the original Tommy in the new film and see what this character could add to the story? Tommy could be one of many things to the Haddonfield teens. He could now be a priest using religion to save himself from the evil that once touched him, he could be the town drunk, he could also now run the hardware store where Michael once stole his iconic mask and the knife he used to butcher Lynda, Bob and Annie – and injure Laurie. Whatever role he took in Haddonfield – it would be amazing to see Tommy in the new film. He’s a key witness to the original night of mayhem. He deserves a spot in the new film.

4. Lindsey Wallace

(portrayed by Kyle Richards) – Lindsey would probably not be as affected as Tommy. I don’t know why I feel this way but I could see her dealing with it a lot better. Maybe it’s her sarcastic nature that helped to shield her from the damage that would easily wreak havoc on anyone else’s mental state. For that reason I think it would be great to see Lindsey as a school teacher at Haddonfield High. I imagine her having a sarcastic battle of wits with one of her students early on in the film before they leave for the day for their own Halloween plans.

5. Sheriff Leigh Brackett

(portrayed by Charles Cyphers) – Sheriff Brackett will have long since retired but would he still live in the home where he raised his long deceased daughter, Annie? If we are to ignore the events of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers – it would be plausible that he would be a total mess – maybe he would make trips to that very same graveyard where Michael stole his sister Judith’s headstone in 1978. Maybe he takes a trip every Halloween to visit the grave of his little girl, Annie Brackett. In a morbid twist of events – what if it were Annie’s headstone to be stolen this Halloween and utilized in a similar fashion in the death of a niece? It’s something to think about.

Although I’m sure all ideas are on the table and no more consideration is to be had for the story of the new film, it’s still fun to think about the possibilities the filmmakers could take in tying this new installment in an even more intricate way to the original night HE came home.

Which character would you most like to see return to Haddonfield?

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HALLOWEEN II (1981) Theatrical Trailer


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