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Halloween Trick N Treats To Eat

Updated on August 26, 2011

Halloween It's All About The Candy!!!

Sweets and candy and trick and treating for Halloween comes in all shapes and sizes, although in some countries things maybe restricted such as Halloween sweets being imported, but if you look around in the available shops in your area or online, you can find some great Halloween goodies, sweets and trick n treats.

When I was young, my friends used to go trick or treating for the money and used to laugh when we got sweets, although getting candy is seen to be the best part about Halloween for kids especially.

Many others, older people especially just see it as another seasonal holiday that they just do for the kids, but there are some dedicated followers of Halloween who organize parties, all night marathons of films, booze, games and other whatever's.

Cakes, buns, chocolate, kids eating too many goodies, it's one of them times of the year to watch our kids teeth from rotting from all the candy and of course the bad side of sugar meltdown in anyone's health is enough to make anyone sick, but above all this - Halloween is fun.

Halloween is a creative time of the year too, with many skipping the shops pre made decor and they go down to the craft store to get supplies for their own Halloween creations and that's part of the fun element, carving your pumpkins, decorating big fat icing cakes, filling bowls full of candy canes, toffees, marshmallows boiled sweets and whatever else.

What about those really cool jelly sweets with the goo that you chew and they look like halloween skulls or something or what about a bubble gum eye ball with a chewy centre or a bag full of chocolate mice, ahhh the treats of yester year are still available if you look in the right places. Gourmet chocolates and confectionery are a tradition of Halloween so buy them, eat them and give people a treat, but if you don't like them give them a trick by eating all of the candy right in front of them, go on be a greedy pig and eat all of the candy!!

Halloween Candy

Want Some Candy?
Want Some Candy?

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