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Ideas for Writing Halloween Stories for Adults and Children

Updated on May 30, 2013

Autumn Leaves


Get Writing

Halloween is a great time to think of all things spooky. Adults and children like to show off their creativity by making costumes, decorating their homes and yards, and trying to out-scare friends and family. Halloween is also the perfect season to get kids to write scary stories. Adults, especially children's story writers, get to have fun remembering their youth and all the silly scares and fears they had. These story prompts are mainly for teachers to present to their students, but they can also be reworked by the craftier writers and made into fun Halloween children's stories.

Halloween Story Starters

  • The jack-o-lantern grinned at me from across the street.
  • The doorbell rang, but when I opened the door, no one was there.
  • I slowly walked up the steps to the old abandoned house.
  • There was a low growl from behind the bushes.
  • Its eyes glowed red.
  • The broomstick was broken.

Spooky Story Titles

  • The Midnight Walk
  • The Ghost in the Laundry Room
  • Zombie Party
  • Vampire Tooth
  • Full Moon Haunting
  • Pumpkin Jack
  • Late Night Howl
  • Bobbing for Apples
  • The Haunted Night

Halloween Keywords

  • costumes
  • pumpkin
  • bats
  • spiders
  • midnight
  • full moon
  • witches
  • ghosts
  • ghouls
  • werewolf
  • candy

What Ifs?

  • What if you became the monster or character you were dressed as on Halloween night?
  • What would happen if a black cat crossed your path?
  • What would you do if you saw a ghost?
  • What if your friends dared you to spend the night in an old abandoned house?
  • What would happen if you took a walk through the cemetery at night?
  • You just found out that your best friend is a mad scientist. What crazy experiment is she or he working on?


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