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2015 Halloween Costumes Ideas for Toddlers!

Updated on October 24, 2015

Costume Ideas for Toddler Boys & Girls!

Disney Theme!
Disney Theme! | Source

Celebrating Halloween!

Hey Sunshine's,

This is the first time that I am writing about any occasion in my articles, and like always I am super excited.I absolutely love the concept of celebrating Halloween between children. Yes, I know adults have their special own way of celebrating it too, but in this article I want to focus on kids only.

Toddler's live in a world of imagination where everything is perfect for them. They see their surroundings as beautiful and full of life. So, why to dress them up with scary costumes which portrait sadness, dark and scare some. This article will go through some costume ideas for the littles ones that show fun, smile, and lots of entertainment. If this interests you then please continue to read!

Disney Theme Ideas for Halloween Costumes

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Elsa in Disney's FrozenDisney's Minnie MouseDisney's JasmineLittle MermaidDisney's TinkerbellDisney's Snow WhiteDisney's CinderllaDisney's Frozen AnnaDisney's MeridaDisney's Rapunzel in Frozen
Elsa in Disney's Frozen
Elsa in Disney's Frozen | Source
Disney's Minnie Mouse
Disney's Minnie Mouse | Source
Disney's Jasmine
Disney's Jasmine | Source
Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid | Source
Disney's Tinkerbell
Disney's Tinkerbell | Source
Disney's Snow White
Disney's Snow White | Source
Disney's Cinderlla
Disney's Cinderlla | Source
Disney's Frozen Anna
Disney's Frozen Anna | Source
Disney's Merida
Disney's Merida | Source
Disney's Rapunzel in Frozen
Disney's Rapunzel in Frozen | Source

Disney Inspiration for the Young Girls!

I grew up with lots and lots of Disney cartoons by my side. I always wanted to be a princess like Cinderella when I grew up. Those fantasies created in the minds of young ones excite them to be just like them. What better way can you give that opportunity other than Halloween? It's comfortable for the kids and a fun way to entertain themselves, friends and family. Below are some ideas put together in Disney theme.

  1. Elsa in Disney Frozen: Disney's Frozen is a new feature film for children. Elsa is known as the snow queen. This character is identified by its sky blue gown. The dress has long sheer sleeves, it is decorated with blue sequins, snowflakes are printed on both sides of the gown, and it also has a white net cameo. This can be paired with white leggings to keep your little one warm in the fall season. I would also add a white pullover or cardigan on top to keep your child warm. I would avoid the ballerina shoes if you are going out for trick or treat, and rather give your child white snickers.
  2. Minnie Mouse: This is one of my favourite costumes for children. There are usually two versions of this costume. The first color is red and the other is pink. As long as these colors have polka dots, one can easily identify that it is the Minnie mouse. If you were to buy this costume it comes with an all over polka dot dress, peter pan collar, and white waistband. This can be also paired with black leggings to keep your kids warm with a button up sweater on top.Some of the accessories you can include are the Minnie mouse ear headband, Mini mouse fingerless gloves, and clip on hair accessories.
  3. Disney Jasmine: This is probably one of the most comfortable costumes you can get your little ones. Usually at many stores it comes with a two pieces, top and pants. The top is usually satin with sequins on it, lace trim, crepe sleeves with smocks, cameo with glitter, and waistband with some jewels. Some of the popular accessories for Jasmine is the tiara, headband, and Jasmine shoes. The shoes are flats!
  4. Little Mermaid: I would recommend this dress for girls over 4. The reason being is the fishtail at the bottom of the dress. It may be hard for younger girls to walk in these as they might trip or fall. This usually comes in a one piece dress. It is 100% polyester which means that it will keep your little ones warm in fall when out. The bottom of the fish dress is mainly made of sequins to match the color of the dress. Otherwise is it is a pretty simple dress with a solid color top. The only accessory you could add with this is the tiara. The options for tiara's are endless with this dress, as it can be anything that represents water and seashells.
  5. Disney Tinkerbell: This is another favourite costume of mine for kids. I love the lime color and the small yet simple details on the dress. It comes with a cameo, satin shoulder straps, the top of the dress has double organza and lots of green glitters. You can pair this with the Tinkerbell wings, a tiara, and hair accessories such as clips and ribbons.
  6. Snow White: The beautiful and evergreen snow white has been a special friend to many toddlers. Snow white costume represents the beautiful yellow and blue ballerina. It has puff blue sleeves and sparkled tutu with matching ballerina shoes. You don't need any accessories to make this costume more unique than it already is.
  7. Cinderella: Cinderella has been my favourite when I was young. It reminded me of the fantasy world that I always saw in the cartoon. I would imagine myself in that horse carriage, stepping out on a red carpet, a beautiful closet of clothes and most important of all, the maids around me! Cinderella is a dream of every young girl and Halloween is the perfect time to gave them the chance of living that fantasy moment. CInderlla costume comes in variations. Keeping the original blue color gown in mind, the styles have been modified many times. A typical Cinderella costume comes with brocade fabric, attached bow and cameo, silver trip drapes, and matching blue headband to complete the dress.
  8. Frozen Anna: This is another comfortable costume for little girls. The top is usually made of velvety fabric decorated with floral patterns, it has mint green satin long sleeves, and satin finish the skirt. Braid your little girl's hair in two sections and voila! This costume doesn't need any other accessories.
  9. Disney Merida: This dress usually comes in various blue-green colors. However, the style is the same. The dress has a attached cameo and belt. It is usually made with 100% polyester and small design details accentuate the dress. It doesn't need accessories and any comfortable golden shoes can be worn.
  10. Disney Rapunzel: This dress is also a ballerina dress. This costume comes in a wide variety of styles. One thing that is similar is the lavender, purplish color to the dress. The ballerina style has puffs, ribbon laced sleeves, it has a cameo bow and includes a sparkly tiara. Purple ballerina shoes would be comfortable with these. Leg wrappers, tights, gloves, wand and hair accessories can be purchased to complete the look.

Superhero Halloween Costume for Toddler Boys!


Superhero Theme for Toddler Boys

Boys love superhero's and are always inspired by them! The play to pretend that they are one of them fills the boys with joy and enjoyment. Halloween is a great holiday to dress these little ones in something they love! Although some costumes are simple and don't have heavy details other may not be suitable for younger boys. They can be heavy for boys under 4! Please read below for a description of these costumes for a closer look!

  1. Batman: I've seen a lot of batman cartoons when I was young with my brothers. They used to love the effect that this character can fly and have some amazing powers. I remember my younger brother watching this so closely that he would become Batman himself instantly while watching the cartoon. Batman is historic and leaves the same impression for most young boys today! The Batman costume usually consists of a muscular top. You may find a simple version of this costume elsewhere. It is a gray jumpsuit with attached gantlets, boots tops with a removable belt. There is usually a headpiece included as well. If you don't want the headpiece for younger boys then this can be avoided for safety reasons. This suit is usually available in sizes starting from 2T.
  2. Buzz Lightyear: Toy Story's character Buzz Lightyear has been famous for some time now. This dress is also a jumpsuit with purple, green black design with padding. The pants flare out. There is also a headpiece included with this one. The only thing I would see is if my child is comfortable wearing this heavy suit looking at his age. Otherwise, the fabric is super comfortable.
  3. Captain America: This is a printed jumpsuit with a signature head cap that represents the letter "A." It has padded muscles and torso. To complete this look you can also purchase a shield.
  4. Pirates of the Carribean: This show has been popular since ages as well. It is historic! Since it came out it was really popular and kids loved dressing up as little pirates. This dress is made of, white colonial shirt, attached red vest, gold trip details, seafarer pants, waist sash and a headband to complete the look. If your child is 4+ and you want to buy some accessories then, pirate dagger, pirate hook, pirate boots and even an eye patch would be options.

Animal Costume Ideas for Toddlers!

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Animal Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers!

If you are looking for something really cute yet simple, then animal costumes are the way to go! This is especially recommended for children 2+ who can carry these costumes easily and are comfortable wearing it for a long night out trick or treating. Some animal costumes are recommended below. Choose your favourite!

  • Boys Fire Breathing Dragon
  • Pink Poodle Costume
  • Alien Costume
  • Emily the Owl Costume
  • Puppy Costume
  • Sweet Monster Costume
  • Monkey Costume

These are some of the many options available for your toddlers! These can be found at The Party Store (both online and retail store), amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, etc. The price of the costume's vary depending on the quality type and the size. If you have a budget then you will be able to find affordable prices online.

Your Next Costume for your child!

Which of these costumes would you prefer for your toddlers?

See results

Thank you for reading!

This ends this article. I know this hub was shorter than my usual hubs. The reason why I kept it short was because of the topic. I have a 2-year-old and if I were to dress her up in a costume for Halloween then I will first think about the comfort and then the style. I hope this basic hub helped some of those who needed help with getting started!

You guys have an awesome weekend! Be Safe!


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