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Handmade Greeting Cards - A School Project for Children

Updated on May 8, 2014

Greeting Card Making Project

My son's in 5th grade and his summer vacations just started. His craft teacher has given a holiday project to make some birthday greeting cards and bring after the holidays. He does not have patience to sit for hours and do something. I initially did not had much idea as to how to proceed with the project. Luckily, I had my greeting card collection in my store. I took them out and went through all the cards to get some idea.

I also searched on the net and stumbled upon few craft sites which gave very nice and simple ideas. Whatever the occasion, giving a handmade card, or adding a handmade gift tag, makes it little bit more special. Discover how to make simple cards using simple things like old cards or card pieces, bits of clothes and threads, wool, tissue paper or hand napkins, colored papers, paints, etc. What I'm offering here is a collage of ideas which you may find useful in making greeting cards for any occasion.

Things required for making Greeting Card Project

Heart Card
Heart Card | Source

Things required :

  1. Cards of various size, colour and texture.
  2. Bits of cloth of different colors, patterns, and types.
  3. Papers of varied types - color wise, texture wise, thickness wise.
  4. Threads or wool of any desired colour.
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Ruler
  8. Pen, pencil and colored sketch pencils
  9. Paints - any thing that is available - water color, acrylic, glass colors and so on.

1. A Patterned Heart Card

This card is very easy to make. I have used scraps of patterned cloth for making this heart card. Take a card of any desired size, color or texture. I used a plain card of off white colour. You can either purchase ready made plain cards or cut the desired shape and size from a sheet of card. Cut a heart shape out of any old scrap of patterned cloth that you have. The size of heart depends upon the size of the card. Tie a small bow and stitch it over the heart. You can also glue it. Stick the cloth over the card and write the message with a color sketch pen. The patterned heart card is ready.

2. Cupcake Birthday Card

You will need a blank card, patterned and sparkly papers, 3D paint, glue.

First, we have to cut a card of desired size. Draw the shape of a cupcake and the frosting layers on the back side of any patterned paper and cut them out. Now arrange them and glue it over the card. You can cut a red cherry out of a red coloured paper. Here, I made the cherry using a 3D paint. that pops out when dry and gave a real effect to the cupcake. You can either cut and paste your message from an old card or write using color pen. Isn't this real quick card?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Cupcake card & Simple CardOHP Cards & Simple Cards3D paint cardcupcake card
Cupcake card & Simple Card
Cupcake card & Simple Card | Source
OHP Cards & Simple Cards
OHP Cards & Simple Cards | Source
3D paint card
3D paint card | Source
cupcake card
cupcake card
Balloon Card
Balloon Card | Source

3. Balloon Card

Things that you need for making this card are:

Scraps of old cloth


Tags or threads

Take a plain card. Trace balloons of desired shape (depending upon the card size), at the back of any colored cloth. Cut out the balloons and paste them over the card. Cut varying lengths of twine or thread or wool and glue in place, tying a twine bow at the bottom to form a bunch of balloons. Glue a small ribbon bow or thread to each balloon. Write your message on the card as well as inside.

5. OHP Card

Things that you need for making this card are: OHP sheet, glass paints, plain card.

Take a plain card, cut another rectangle inside the centre of the card. Measure the inside rectangle and cut an OHP sheet or PVC sheet, leaving extra space on all sides for pasting it on the card. Draw any desired picture or write messages using glass paints. Allow the drawing to dry completely. Glue this OHP sheet on the inside of the cut out portion of the card. Allow it to dry. Your OHP card is ready. If required, you can leave folds inside to cover this drawing. I just left it blank.

4. Floral Card

This floral card is made using flowers cut out from paper napkin or tissue paper. Take any colored tissue paper. I have used pink tissues. Cut small squares out of the tissue paper. Trim the edges to make it round. Give cut around the edges. Separate the sheets and crumble them lightly, so that the petal created gets the natural curves.

Take a card or a sheet of paper and fold it into a card. Using a green color pen, draw few stems and leaves. Apply glue at 3-4 different places at the tip of the stems. Place the sheets one by one over each other till the desired thickness for the flower is created. Apply glue in between each sheets if required. Allow it to dry. If required, you can cut leaves out of green color paper and stick them to get a bouquet effect. Tie a ribbon bow at the lower end of the bunch of stems. Write the message on the card. Your floral card is done within 10 - 15 minutes.

Floral Cards

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Cloth Flower CardQuill  Flower CardTissue Flower CardQuill CardPaper Napkin Card
Cloth Flower Card
Cloth Flower Card
Quill  Flower Card
Quill Flower Card
Tissue Flower Card
Tissue Flower Card
Quill Card
Quill Card
Paper Napkin Card
Paper Napkin Card

6.Quill Card

I'm sure many people know quilling. You can use this technique to create flowers and leaves and use them to make beautiful cards. I did not even purchase quilling paper. I had some handmade paper sheets and cut the quilling sheets out of these papers. The paper is then rolled, or shaped into different designs.Made some flowers, leaves and curls of vines and pasted them on cards of desired sizes to make some birthday cards as shown in the pictures.

The designs and creativity that goes into making cards with quilling has no limitations. Some smaller cards may take less than an hour and some larger cards may take many hours to complete. The rolled out smaller designs are then assembled together to create a new larger figure, design, item, or shape. What is unique to the process is that the paper is not laid flat but is glued and placed on its end. This allows the design to obtain a three dimensional look. No matter what the design, size, or color you select, you can be rest assured it will capture the attention and imagination of all those who receive or see it.

7. Cloth Flower Card

The basic technique of making this card is very much similar to the floral card which had been described earlier. The flowers are made using some beautiful, colored scraps of cloth. Stitch them in the centre. Glue a button or bead in the centre. Prepare some flowers like this and keep them aside. Take a plain card, draw outline if required. I made the outline using a running stitch in my sewing machine. That gave a different outlook to the card.

Now place the flowers to get a nice appeal and glue them on the card. You can glue the leaves cut out from cloth or use ready made leaves underneath the petals of the flowers. write the message inside the card. The card is simple, yet elegant.

8. Simple Cards

These simple cards are any child's play. Cut out some cards for them. Draw outlines using any colored pen or 3D paint. You can also use water colors or acrylic to draw the outlines. Cut out pictures from old cards, magazines, drawings, etc. Place them and see the effect of the final image before you glue. Can add glitters or background drawings, etc as you can see in the cards that we did. In one card, I spread the glitter paint across the whole length of the card. In another card, I just pasted a picture of a cat and drew outline for that image. In another card, I drew colored stars in the background. My son enjoyed spreading the glitter as that was an easy task and did not require much skill or longer hours. As I told you in the beginning, since he does not prefer sitting for long hours and do stuff, I opted for these quick and easy methods of creating greeting cards.

Other Handmade Cards and Gift Tags

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Quill Card & tagGift TagsHand drawing cardPainted cardsCard using dry leaves, mat piece, etcFreehand drawing Cards
Quill Card & tag
Quill Card & tag
Gift Tags
Gift Tags
Hand drawing card
Hand drawing card
Painted cards
Painted cards
Card using dry leaves, mat piece, etc
Card using dry leaves, mat piece, etc
Freehand drawing Cards
Freehand drawing Cards

Do you enjoy doing vacation projects with your children?

See results

Projects for Children or parents?

These school projects are fine, unless a child can do it on his/her own. But what I hate about them is re - studying things for my son. I hate making some projects, especially some science and math models. I have wondered if a child of my son's age can do those type of projects on his own.

This card making project was fun though. we finished making 10 - 15 greeting cards in 2 days. I think that 's enough work done. I want him to enjoy and laze around few days without doing any project or holiday work. After all, kids are kids, why stack them with holiday homework and summer projects every year. He is only 9+. Let him have some fun time too.

I want him to finish all the school work and the take complete off and enjoy his vacations. I too want a break from the routine work. Study while you study, play while you play.

Card Ideas in a glance

Card Type
Basic art used
Difficulty Level
OHP cards
Glass colouring
Quill cards
Cloth Flower & Balloon cards
Cutting and sewing of cloth
Paper Floral & Cupcake cards
Cutting and pasting of paper
Simple cards
freehand drawing, painting, cutting of pics and pasting


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