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Handmade Card Making Valentine's Day - Easy Crafts 4 Kids

Updated on February 14, 2014
Pre-made heart cards
Pre-made heart cards
Red heart lace doilies and scrapbook paper
Red heart lace doilies and scrapbook paper
Red heart doily Valentine's Day cards
Red heart doily Valentine's Day cards
Foam heart stickers
Foam heart stickers

Valentine's Day Cards - Easy Craft 4 Kids

My 5 year old niece who is in Kindergarten has a class of 19 students to make cards for on Valentine's Day. I'm the aunt who is always willing to help out when it comes to crafts. This one's easy and simple enough for 5 years olds. My niece did half of the cards, then we took a break and went to the park, and when we returned home, she completed the other half. She made 2 different types of handmade Valentine's Day cards. One with premade heart cards and the other with red lace heart doilies. You can easily find the supplies at a dollar store or Michael's crafts tore.

Here are the supplies that you will need:

1. Pre-made heart cards that are blank inside

2. Red lace heart doilies

3. Scrapbooking paper

4. Heart foam stickers

5. Glue stick

6. Scissors

7. Marker

8. List of kids names in your child's class

Instructions with Pre-Made Valentine's Day Cards

These cards are easy crafts 4 kids especially 5 year olds. I had a list of her classmates names and she wrote the name of her classmate on one side of the card and her name on the other side. I only had to remind my niece time and again to be careful because the heart card has little space. We saved the longer names for the heart doily Valentine's Day cards.

1. Write the kids names on the inside of the card and envelope.

2. Decorate with foam heart stickers. It's good to have an assortment of foam heart stickers to decorate with. You can layer hearts on hearts. Let your five year old be creative. My niece added happy faces to some of her cards. For ease of decorating she had a bowl of foam heart stickers for her to choose from.

Instructions for Red Lace Doily Valentine's Day Cards

Now I helped with the red lace doily Valentine's Day cards with steps 1 & 2.

1. Glue the red lace heart doily onto scrapbooking paper.

2. Cut out the heart.

3. My niece decorated one side of the heart with foam heart stickers and wrote her classmate's name on the back. There is enough space on the back to write To and From. The creative decorating was what my niece did.

With leftover red heart lace doilies I made a placemat with the hearts in each corner of the scrapbook paper. Then I placed the craft supplies with the hearts in the middle. A creative way to have a craft corner for your kids for Valentine's Day.

So try a handmade card making Valentine's Day in your home.


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