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Happy Birthday September 20

Updated on September 20, 2012

Bobby Rivers (Top 5)

I'm unable to locate his age but I best remember Bobby as one of the veejays on VH-1 in the 80's (you know, when videos were still around to introduce). Between him and Rosie O'Donnell, watching music videos was a scream! I still recall him comparing an expression on Eric Carmen's face to Vivian Vance's on I Love Lucy. Bobby went on to host Top 5 on the Food Network. He and I are Facebook friends and often communicate!


Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From The Sun, The Exes) - 45

It's my belief that Kristen is one of the more unsung heroines in comedy, mostly due to her facial expressions. She was hysterical on 3rd Rock From The Sun, though I never saw it much for whatever reason. I have been watching The Exes faithfully since its premiere on TV Land and she continues to deliver in a topnotch manner.


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