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Happy Mom Day

Updated on May 6, 2011

 There is no love more profound then that of a mother's love. There is no one that makes us feel safe or cares for us when we are sick then a mother. A mother will lay her life on the line for her child as well as go through the pain of bringing us into this world.I wonder how many people truly respect and love their mother's. I feel we sometimes take our mother's for granted.

As babies they clothe us, make sure we are fed and we keep them up at night (thanks to my son). In our toddler years we give them hell by throwing tantrums and embarrassing them (never knowing that we are truly working their last nerves). In our teenage years we hate them for getting involved in our lives and wish that we could just get away from them. In our young adult years we leave home to go to college and find that everything our mother's have been saying suddenly comes true.

I know that I hate it when my mother is right about something but at the same time it comes from a loving place. Although our mother's drive us crazy they always and constantly have our best interest's in heart. We often may not see it but the love is always there and it's deep.

Now that I'm a mother I understand what my mother has been saying all along. As soon as you hold your own child in your arms you get this instant armor around them that makes you want to protect them from day one. It's a kind of love that only a mother can give to her child. Have you ever hugged your mom and had the warm comfortable feeling as if everything was going to be okay, isn't it the greatest feeling in the world.

Or when she sings a family song to you when you have had a hard day, this is what makes our mothers so special. The way they can just instantly pour their love into us so we know everything is going to be alright is magical.

If for some reason you don't talk to your mother (shame on you) at least call her up or send her a nice card to at least show that she is still your mother and you love her. Whatever the issues you have with her can be set aside for one day right? Don't go through the rest of your life not talking to your mother, (you owe her your life) instead break the ice and let her know that you still care.

I guarantee that you are still her little stinky no matter what the issue is.



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    • profile image

      Olivia 6 years ago

      Lol. My mother had a song that she would sing to us kids and it always made us feel better.