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Happy New Year Celebrations!

Updated on December 23, 2011

Is the celebrating worth it?

What do most Americans do for New Years!

There are many of you who will be celebrating the New Year. If you are reading this article on New Years, well then Happy New Year to you!

The celebrations that occur this time of year are confusing to me.There are two main things that most Americans do that stump me. I have to admit I am also guilty of celebrating New Years these ways in the past. Which have led me to write this article and I wanted to get other opinions and comments on this New Years topic.

First thing that I have noticed that many Americans do on this occasion is Party like rock stars on New Years Eve. Getting drunk and stumbling around to the point of not seeing straight. Just to celebrate the New Years! This makes me wonder...Can this type of celebration make the upcoming year better than the last? Waking up new years day with terrible headaches and having regrets from the night before doesn't sound too fun to me anymore. How does getting smashed the night before make the upcoming New Year so great?

Another New Years celebration that I am guilty of is making a New Year's Resolution that isn't taken serious until a couple months before the following New Year. Last year, I made a New Year's Resolution to lose weight. I recently remembered my last years resolution and I am totally trying to stretch a years weight loss goal into a couple months time frame.

I know I have made some changes to my New Years Celebration that you may also want to consider. It has been over 10 years since I decided that I didn't want to get totally wasted on New Year's Eve. Now I buy some sparkling cider or my favorite drink and say cheers soberly with my immediate family. We spend New Year's Eve playing games, watching movies, listening to music and just having fun celebrating the new year together.

This coming New Year, I am going to try not to make a New Year's Resolution that I can't stick with or complete. Good Luck to everyone else who is going to make changes to your New Years Celebrations!

New Years Celebrations

How will you celebrate New Years?

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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I don't know if it's by temperament or do to our age, but my sweetie and I usually sleep on New Year's Day, which we did this year as well. Sometimes we stay up to see the ball drop on TV. Voting this Up and Interesting.