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Happy Super Bowl Day!! (year 45)

Updated on January 26, 2013
Super Bowl XLV Inivtations
Super Bowl XLV Inivtations | Source

Super Bowl Sunday is easily one of my absolute favorite holidays of the year. After Christmas and New Year’s Day are over, we don’t have to wait till the 4th of July to enjoy a fun-filled, joyous celebration of America! Super Bowl Sunday comes to the rescue to help us with the mid-winter blues (especially the cold rain and gray skies we see in the Great NW). It’s also a wonderful time to spend with close friends and family that you haven’t seen for…weeks.

If you choose, you could spicen up the celebration with some sort of white elephant gift exchange, but be sure to schedule it before the pre-game warm-up. Never do it after the game, because most people are taken away in the excitement of the winning speeches, confetti or possibly incoherent from the holiday punch.

….And, you never want to do it during the commercial breaks, because the commercials are likely to be more entertaining than the game itself. Speaking of commercials, make sure you plan your bathroom visits around the commercials. One tip is to time the visits during referee time-outs that don’t go to a commercial break or when they are reviewing a bad call. During “official reviews”, the commentators usually play the same clip over and over about 10 times, so you won’t miss much there.

This holiday has all the same ingredients of many other holidays that we celebrate. It has lots of food, beverages, excitement, extensive party planning, causes long lines at the grocery stores, and has everyone re-arranging their schedules to make sure they don’t miss the grand event. Hallmark even creates invitations, decorative plates, and e-cards for this special occasion, so you know it’s a real holiday.

This year, the actual game is going to be between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. These two teams are among the top of the list for wins in regular season and playoffs in NFL history. They are also two teams that seem to have the most loyal of fans, even to the point of traveling the farthest distances regularly to support their teams in away games.

So, now that we’re talking about the game itself, let’s take a moment to list a few key moments to look for during the game this year:

1) How long it takes before there is a Brett Farve reference. It’s inevitable. Aaron Rodgers is the first QB to take the Packers to the SB since Farve. The unknown element here is when? Use a stop-watch, or perhaps a timer app on your cell phone just for fun.

2) How many times will the stupid e-Trade commercials come on with the stupid babies talking like stupid old men that think they’re funny? They’re not funny – just stupid!

3) How many times will we groan, yell, throw things at the tv screen or cry because the refs made another ticky-tacky or ghost call against the Packers that will favor the Stealers (yes, it's misspelled)?

4) How many times will there be a reference or comment about Pittsburgh’s SS Troy Polamalu’s hair? I bet there will even be a new commercial about it from Head and Shoulders! Let’s try and tally them up.

5) This year, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area has experienced the big Snowpocalypse in an unusual way. Most people in the area do not see a lot of snowfall or frigid temperatures. I’m kinda wondering if the commentators will try, with an enormous stretch, to compare Texas Stadium with the frozen tundra of Lambough field. There may be some reference to it somewhere.

6) Who will be the first person in your party to ask why there are so many fans in the stands waving yellow towels?

7) Who will be the first person in your party to ask what cheese has to do with football?

8) Will anyone be expecting a wardrobe malfunction by Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie during the Halftime show?

9) How many times will someone in your party say, “Wow Clay Matthews has beautiful, luscious locks of hair!” ??

10) And finally, will Green Bay squash the Stealers in the 3rd or the 4th quarter?

This should be a fun game to watch, and as always, I will savor every moment. I will also enjoy the festivities surrounding the game and time with family and friends. But, I do say this now: Even though my favorite team is not in this championship game, I do have a clear direction of who to root for this year. The Steelers make it really easy for me. It’s pretty much anyone who plays them. I will be rooting loud and proud for the Packers and would not be disappointed to see a blow-out!

Until Sunday,

Happy Super Bowl to all, and to all a good night!


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