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Have You Ever Given Someone a Homemade Gift?

Updated on August 19, 2019

The right gift

As a child I looked so forward to Christmas in hopes that I would get what I asked Santa for. And I knew that my parents didn't have a lot of money and struggled just to get through the year. Christmas gifts were necessity items, a winter coat, a pair of gloves, warm shoes or boots and a small toy from Santa; never what I had asked for.

When I had a family, I didn't want my kids to feel they way that i did at Christmas time and times were hard when we started our family. So, we told the kids that Santa had so many children that he had to take presents to, they needed to not ask for anything too big. And they didn't, Santa brought them a nice gift and mommy and dad would get them something a little nicer if we could. They never complained or acted disappointed. When they grew older, they even told us that they knew and understood why we did it and that's why they never asked for anything expensive from Santa. Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

In today's era of I want it and I want it now, Christmas had started to become very commercialized. And the family had grown quite a bit, so we decided to draw names for gifts. Great idea? Not so much, a dollar limit was set and the first year went great, then there was bickering about not meeting the limit and buying last minute gifts. Enough to make me want to cancel Christmas, but we didn't.

Instead, we started a Christmas of homemade gifts. There is no longer a dollar limit, the person has 9 months to think about what they are going to make the person they drew. They have to get to know that person and make them something that is fit for them.

Now, it's almost that time of year when everyone is working secretly on their gifts and it has been a great deal of fun. Not to mention the look on someone's face when they get something that fits them or their hobbies.

If you're tired of the commercialism of Christmas. Draw names and get started, it will be one of the best Christmas' you've ever had.

Pallet Projects
Pallet Projects
Kid Gifts
Kid Gifts

Gifts don't have to break the bank

If you get dad for Christmas, make him something that will help him organize his stuff in the garage. If he likes to fish, make him something that will hold his equipment when he's not using it.

If you got mom, grandma or even dad, ladder shelve's are great. You can store books, put photo albums or photo frames on them, you can decorate them for each holiday, their use is endless.

If they like to BBQ, build them a small work station, if the kids like playing outside, build them a rock climbing wall, a sandbox.

Use your imagination, it's amazing at what you can come up with.

Remember, the internet is full of helpful project ideas and many are free. Happy gift giving, if you decide to do this, I hope it's as special for you as it has been for us.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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