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More Hawaiian Ghost Stories

Updated on August 23, 2016
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Ruth Kongaika was born in the Rocky Mountains and has lived most of her life in the South Pacific. She travels, gardens and writes.

This is my second Hawaiian ghost story hub. Most people call them goose bumps, but in Hawaii, when you feel the presence of a ghost, or you are affected by a spooky story, we call it "chicken skin" . This is the sensation where you feel the hair rising on the back of your neck, your eyes get big, and your heartbeat races. There are many ghost stories from Hawaii which may give you "chicken skin".

Here is another ghost story told by Glen Grant who died in 2003 after becoming famous as a story teller in Hawaii.

T here are many tales of hauntings at Makapu'u in Hawaii. One of them concerns a lighthouse construction worker who had come with his wife from California to work on the federal project back in 1917. In the course of his living in Hawai'i, he had become involved with a local island girl. His adulterous affair lasted for several months until his wife discovered his infidelity. A terrible argument occurred the night she confronted her husband with the truth, demanding that he sever his affair immediately. He refused, asking for a divorce.

Driving away from their cottage, the distraught wife drove recklessly into the night. Perhaps it was the tears in her eyes that blurred her vision on the curving, steep road which at that time was still unimproved. Her car bounced against the side of the rocky cliff, went out of control and then careened over the ledge. When she was found, she was still alive but horribly burned. A few days later she died at Queen's Hospital with one dying message on her lips. "Tell Tom, I'm coming for him."

Several months later, Tom was driving the same road when his car suddenly turned and went over the embankment, plunging him to his untimely death. Had the accident been an unfortunate coincidence? Had Tom caused the accident himself out of guilt? Or had the jilted wife won her final revenge?

Turn the clock forward to 1980. A Hawai'i Kai resident was driving his car by Makapu'u Beach one evening about 11:00 pm when he suddenly had a blowout to one of his rear tires. Pulling over as close as he safely could to the railing, he got out to change the tire. As he unscrewed the lug nuts on the wheel, he placed them into the inverted hubcap which rested next to him.

When the last lug nut was thrown into the hubcap, he suddenly heard a metallic rattling. looking down, he noticed that the lug nuts were moving about in the hubcap, one of them actually floating! The man was mesmerized by this incredible poltergeist taking place right before his eyes! Mesmerized, that is, until he felt something tingling on either side of his neck. Then he was frozen with fear. The ice cold fingers of two hands were touching the sides of his neck!

Quickly brushing the hands away, he turned, falling back to the pavement. Standing above him was a woman in a white dress, her outstretched hands reaching down toward him like a lover seeking an embrace. Although the woman's face was partly obscured by her long, dark brown hair blowing across it in the night, he could see that her cheeks, nose and mouth were horribly charred and blackened. One eye socket appeared grossly empty, the burned skin about her eyes hanging like strips of seared wallpaper. And then from her burned mouth, words were spoken as if from the depth of a bottomless well.

"Tom? Tom?" She reached down to embrace her loved with a kiss upon his insanely shrieking mouth.

He didn't stop running until a mile later when he collapsed to the side of the road, questioning what he had just seen as a waking nightmare. Tomorrow he would have his wife drive him out to Makapu'u to pick up his abandoned car. In fact, he thought to himself as he walked the rest of the way home to Hawai'i Kai, he would pay a lot more attention to his wife. And his affair with the woman at the office would just have to stop. He pledged to himself that he would be forever faithful to his vows of marriage.

For the cheating husband had learned a very special lesson in a very hard way. If a man who is committing adultery drives the road along Makapu'u beach, he may be stopped by a lady who in death still seeks out the man who done her wrong.


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