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Maa Durga HD Wallpaper for PC or Mac

Updated on November 13, 2015
Beautiful-Goddess Durga
Beautiful-Goddess Durga

In the Hindu religion, the goddess Durga is one of the main forms of Shakt and the most popular incarnation of Devii. She is worshipped by women and men in India. She is regarded as a mother who cares for her children. Read on to learn more about Goddess Durga and to find the top wallpapers of Maa Durga. You can install these beautiful wallpapers on your desktop or laptop.

Maa Durga: The Supreme Goddess of the Material World

Maa Durga, also known as Maya, is the wife of Lord Shiva. As Supreme Goddess of this material world, she works under the direction of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, the highest-ranking Hindu god; all of the demi-gods, including Lord Shiva, Brahmaji, and Maa Durga, serve under him. This is confirmed by all of the Vedas, including the Srimad Bhagvad-Gita, Srimad Bhagvatam, and Brahma Samhita (spoken by Lord Brahma himself).

A Story of Goddess Durga's Mercy

A very interesting story involves Goddess Durga, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, his consort, and a great saint.

Once, the great saint Sri Narada Muni did tapasya (deep meditation) to partake in the mahaprasad (the remnants of Lord Vishnu's food). This pleased Vishnu's consort, Srimati Laxmi Devi, and she told Sri Narada Muni that she would certainly try to grant his request for food.

When Lord Vishnu finished his meal, Srimati Laxmi Devi told him about Sri Narada Muni's wish. Initially, Lord Vishnu did not want to accept Sri Narada's tapasaya, but after Sri Narada repeated his request, Lord Vishnu finally consented and gave him some remnants of his food.


After Sri Narada Muni tasted the maharasad, he began to dance in ecstasy. He was feeling deep joy in his heart. While dancing, he went to Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva saw Narada Muni dancing in ecstasy and asked him, "Why are you in so much joy?''


Narada Muni replied, "I have eaten the mahaprasad of Lord Vishnu. This has filled my heart with deep joy."

Lord Shiva asked Sri Narada Muni, "Have you eaten all of the maharapsad?"

Narada Muni said, "Yes."

Lord Vishnu replied to Sri Narada, "There might be some remnants left in your hand, see?"


Narada Muni checked his hand. He found that some remnants of mahaprasad were indeed stuck in a fingernail on his right hand. He immediately took it out and gave it to Lord Shiva. After Lord Shiva ate it, he too went into a state of ecstasy and began to dance.

In the mean time, Mother Parvati came along. She asked her husband Lord Shiva, "Why are you dancing in ecstasy?"

Lord Shiva told her the entire story from the beginning. Hearing this, Mother Parvati also wanted mahaprasad, but there were no remnants left.

Mother Parvati is Maa Durga herself. She was very upset where there was no mahaprasad left, and she did strong tapasya for Supreme Lord Sri Krishna to come. After he was satisfied with Maa Durga's tapasya, Lord Krishna appeared before her. Maa Durga said, "Oh my master, Supreme Lord Sri Krishna."

There are four yugas in one universe cycle: first is satyuga, second is tretayuga, third is dwaprayuga, and fourth is kalyuga. We are presently living in kalyuga.

In the story, Maa Durga said to Lord Krishna, "In this age of kalyuga, my sons are experiencing sorrow and miseries in the world. It is said that just by eating your mahaprasad, they can be relieved of all sins and attain liberation. Please be merciful to my sons, Lord Krishna, and provide your remnants so that they can be freed from their sorrow and sit at your lotus feet after liberation."

Supreme Lord Krishna replied, "Tathas tu (as you ask, so will it happen)."

From that day onward, Supreme Lord Krishna appeared as Lord Jagganath with his brother Baldev (an expansion of Lord Sri Krishna) and sister Subhdra. In Jagganath Puri, in India's Orissa state, worshippers offer sumptuous food to Lord Jagganath, Baldev, and Subhdra. After that, the food is brought to Vimla Devi (a form of Maa Durga) and then distributed among the present devotees.

From this story, we can understand that Maa Durga is very merciful. She wants her sons to be free from all misery and revel in their devotion of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.


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