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Historical Halloween Costumes for Women: Cleopatra, Victorian, and Greek Goddess Costume Ideas

Updated on March 21, 2018
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty's favorite holiday is Halloween. She's been making her own costumes and studying Halloween as a holiday for over a decade.

Cleopatra Costume Ideas

Cleopatra was beautiful and is your turn to look like her this Halloween.
Cleopatra was beautiful and is your turn to look like her this Halloween. | Source
Don't forget to walk like an Egyptian!
Don't forget to walk like an Egyptian! | Source

Cleopatra Halloween Costumes

Some of the most intriguing and beautiful Halloween costume ideas are historical Halloween costumes for women. Historical Halloween costumes can range from Colonial costumes going all the way back to ancient Egyptian and Roman costumes. Not only is there a whole cornucopia of choices of historical Halloween costumes, but the choices are so many that you could choose from your most favorite history story or era!

One of many peoples' favorite histories to learn about is that of ancient Egyptian history, so what would be more perfect than to dress up in a Cleopatra Halloween costume this Halloween? Think lots of gold. The ancient Egyptians regarded gold as sacred and it was even buried with the pharoahs and queens of Egypt when they passed so that they could take it with them to the otherworld. Cleopatra surely was decked out in gold from head to toe, so add a ton of gold to your Cleopatra Halloween costume. Grab a gold headdress, a large gold choker or collar, gold bangle bracelets, and large gold dangle earrings. Don't dress in a Cleopatra Halloween costume without the gold!

You can put together your own Cleopatra Halloween costume like the girls in the pictures here, or you can purchase one on Amazon for fairly cheap. Remember to line your eyes in black eyeliner and paint the corners of your eyes like a cat's. Egyptians also considered cats sacred, so think about adding symbols of the cat to your Cleopatra Halloween costume. Or carry your cat with you!

Roman & Greek Goddess Costume Ideas

You are a goddess already, now's your chance to dress like one!
You are a goddess already, now's your chance to dress like one! | Source

Roman & Greek Goddess Costume Ideas

Another sexy and eye-catching option for a Historical Halloween costume for women is the Roman and Greek Goddess costume ideas. The dresses used in Greek Goddess Halloween costumes are usually very elegant and sexy at the same time. They can be long and flowy, almost like royalty, or they can be short and fun. The Roman Goddess Halloween costume dress can look similar to a toga or look more like Venus' dress.

White is the main color used in many of the Roman and Greek Goddess costume ideas out there, but maroon can be used as well as blues and reds. Make sure whichever dress you choose for this Historical Halloween costume for women, always choose something flowy...something that will sort of wisp in the wind and also choose dresses that have the empire waist-line (which is the waistline that falls just under the breasts - pictured to the right above). Gain some inspiration from Roman and Greek movies and TV shows such as 300, Hercules, Scorpion King and the like. Many movies have beautiful women wearing Roman and Greek Goddess costumes which may spark an idea for your Roman and/or Greek goddess costume.

Accessories for the Roman and Greek Goddess costumes could include the leaf crown that was worn by Caesars and during the ancient Greek Olympic games. Gold accessories are perfect for the Roman and Greek Goddess costume, as well. If it's cold outside on Halloween, make sure you have a drape to cover your shoulders. Shoes should be flat and be sandals. Thongs are perfect (the shoe not the underwear).

Victorian Halloween Costumes on Amazon

Victorian Halloween Costumes for Women

Victorian Halloween costumes for women are extravagant and can be molded to fit any personality! I'm talking about corsets, lace and frills, thigh-high stockings, garter belts underneath, bustles and petticoats! Powdered wigs, curls, and up-dos. Elegance and sophistication from the Victorian era in a Halloween costume.

If you're a girly girl, you might truly enjoy dressing in a Victorian Halloween costume this year. If you like the Victorian Halloween costume idea but aren't too big into girly things, add a pair of fangs and spray some blood on your Victorian gown and go as a Victorian vampire!

There is a whole plethora of Victorian Halloween costumes and Victorian costumes in general on the internet. A great place to look is at and do a search on Victorian dresses or steampunk dresses.

Accessories for the Victorian Halloween costume for women could include lacey handbags and clutches, folding fans, Victorian lace-up boots, lacey thigh-high stockings, and the list goes on! Don't forget to grab a corset for the final touch to your Victorian Halloween costume dress. You're just not truly Victorian without a corset.

For your Victorian make-up, go very pale with lots of pink blush, light mascara and a fake mole.

Make sure you practice your etiquette and lady-like manners if you're choosing the Victorian Halloween costume for this Halloween.

Victorian Halloween Costume Ideas

Victorian dresses are elegant and gothic.
Victorian dresses are elegant and gothic. | Source

What Historical Halloween Costume Will You Choose?

In addition to Cleopatra costumes, Roman and Greek Goddess costumes, and Victorian Halloween costumes, there are a ton of other options for Historical Halloween costumes for women on the market and waiting to erupt from your imagination today!

Don't forget about Colonial Halloween costumes, Renaissance and Medieval costumes, Chinese Geisha costumes, Native American style costumes, the list goes on!

© 2011 Kitty Fields


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  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    7 years ago from Summerland

    Thanks, Paradise7! Don't say that...I'm sure you'd like beautimous! :)

  • Paradise7 profile image


    7 years ago from Upstate New York

    The costumes are beautiful! I only wish I could look as good in one of them. Thanks for the hub.


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