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Hitch a Ride on a Holiday

Updated on June 18, 2015

I've noticed a tendency on my many drives alongside Great American Homes. There is an etiquette for neighborhoods, particularly having to do with the Energy of Celebration.

Holidays are amazing. Just think what they do! They affect ALL of society. They are a huge excuse to take part in things we don't usually take part in, that are not the social norm, that we don't usually think of. They cut through daily life, where we are busy maintaining status quo, and provide relief for the whole country....or neighborhood, or culture.

It's no surprise to anybody that there is a sampling of disposables standing in front of many houses, on the curb; a piece or two of broken furniture, carefully placed, starts the procession. Beside the furniture are five or six bags of horticultural refuse. Accompanying this set of items are sometimes boxes, hastily removed from somewhere inside the home, which are obviously from old-model small appliances bought twenty years ago.

It took me a little while to assimilate the dynamic behind the scenes I was observing. Whatever was keeping the inhabitants from changing their interiors and landscapes before now, of which things there are numerous very real possibilities, was overcome by the Energy of Celebration.

This phenomenon is quite merciful in its effect on humanity at large. We must take advantage of it while we may!

The trick, though, is to have restraint and realistic expectations, with just a touch of optimism and hope. This is a delicate flower. Too much weight placed against the momentum of the Holiday, and it wilts.

I knew someone who chose the weddings of her children as opportunities to remodel her home, a bit at a time. Done with finesse, this is a not an awful idea and has the potential to be a fine plan.

She had nine children, and she wanted the work to be done by the family, pioneers that Americans are. And ,usually, errors in planning meant that the work tended to be pushed right up until the time of the rehearsal. Weddings became somewhat of a burden.

The whole family bore it cheerfully, and everybody got married. This is, however, an example of the Energy of Celebration being overextended. The match has to be just right.

A new baby coming home sometimes means a "big bed" for the sibling, which can carry in its train a new bedtime for the occupant. A friend coming to stay the weekend can be instrumental in having the host child help out with choosing a healthy menu.

As a special day, out of the ordinary in any way, approaches, we can hop on the cart. With the cultural approval of the holiday signed on the line, we find we have the momentum of the masses at hand, and can carefully choose the work we would like done by the Energy of Celebration. Rejoice and be merry!


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