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Holidaying in Egypt

Updated on June 13, 2011

Choose Sharm el Sheikh for an Exotic Holiday Experience

Looking for a pristine holiday destination in Africa to spend some leisure time with your family and friends? Go no further. The splendid resort town of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt invites you with open arms to explore its rich diversity and bewitching beauty, with Mount Sinai on one side and the Red Sea on the other. You would love to come back to explore all that is left on your first holiday to this exceedingly beautiful resort town of Sharm el Sheikh.

The jewel of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh is an exotic seaside resort – a holiday destination for thousands of tourists, including families with kids, honeymooners, retirees, couples, and business travelers. The splendor of Sharm el Sheikh emanates from its sandy and pebble beaches, turquoise waters, warm weather, historical landmarks, cultural fiesta, adventure and fun activities, desert safaris, gorgeous natural parks teeming with exotic wildlife species, bewitching coral reefs, splendid resorts, and scrumptious dining options.

Explore Sharm el Sheikh: Activities & Attractions

Appearing like a gigantic coral aquarium, the sight of the sparking coral reefs in the calm and clear waters surrounding Sharm el Sheikh will easily capture your imagination. You will find the waters here brimming with marine life. Parrotfish, butterfly fish, Napoleon wrasse, scorpion fish, and map angelfish are a common sight here.

You would love to bask in the sun on the gorgeous sandy beaches in Sharm el Sheikh, but too much exposure can be fierce. Like sunbathing, swimming is a popular activity with tourists visiting the seaside resort. The extraordinarily clear waters are so tempting that you cannot keep yourself from swimming. If you love diving, you would not find a better diving destination than the Red Sea. Do not forget to explore world-famous scuba diving destinations here, particularly Ras Mohammed Marine National Park and Strait of Tiran, which houses four coral reefs and separates the east coast of Sinai and the Tiran Island.

Boating, windsurfing, parasailing, and canoeing are other water sports that have made Sharm el Sheikh popular. Experience the mystery of the desert and make your Sharm el Sheikh holiday really special with the desert safari on camel or buggy.

If you are a history lover, Sharm el Sheikh will take you thousands of years back through its historical and cultural tours. Explore the archaeological marvels of the Sinai Peninsula, with the stunning Seven Elders of Israel, the grand Chapel of theBurning Bush, and the oldest monastery of St. Catherine. Spend a day exploring the natural jewels of the Sinai Peninsula – the long sandy Na'ama Bay, the picturesque Sharm El Maya, the towering Ras Um Sid Cliff, and the busy Old Market.

Shopping in itself is a memorable experience at Sharm el Sheikh, where bargaining is the norm and you can expect a good bargain here. You would find a great range of Egyptian souvenirs,Bedouin embroidery,and painted papyruses to take back home.

Sharm el Sheikh Accommodation Options

Despite being a small seaside resort, Sharm el Sheikh offers you some of the best accommodation options in Egypt. There are luxury hotels along the coast, offering state-of-the-art amenities and facilities and panoramic view of the sparkling waters and mountainside. There is a great range of restaurants, gelaterias, pizzerias, cafeterias, and bars, offering rich culinary choices to satiate your taste buds. You will find great quality of seafood here. Don’t forget to sample the local favoritekushari, a scrumptious combination of lentils and macaroni.

Sharm el Sheikh Review

Overlooking the Strait of Tiran, Sharm el Sheikh is an ideal holiday destination for tourists from all parts of the world. A high level of security, diverse accommodation options, chic restaurants, vibrant bars and clubs, hospitable people, easily accessible transportation, beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine, and gorgeous landmarks make Sharm el Sheikh a paradise for holidaymakers. Come; explore the land of the Bedouins and fall in love with it!


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      juliagorgeo 5 years ago

      I red your hub, It was very nice and informative. You have clearly mentioned Sharm El Sheikh best holiday destinations, accommodation, activities and attraction details. Beside Pyramids Egypt is well known Holiday spot in the world.

      If you never visited this wonderful country then you have missed lots of attraction, adventure, sightseeing and ancient monuments. Look here for more information on Egypt. This article is based on Nile Valley Attractions of Egypt.