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Holidays in October

Updated on October 22, 2011

How Many October Holidays Can You Celebrate?

Nearly everyday of October is associated with some form of holiday or another, so why not get to know them and see how many you can celebrate?

First and foremost, you might like to know that October is Toilet Tank Repair Month, Eat Ham Month, National Pretzel Month, the Month of the Hedgehog, Drum Month, Energy Awareness Month, Country Music Month, Pasta Month, Pizza Month, Vegetarian Month, Car Care Month, Caramel Month and Sarcastic Month.

If you're anti-meat, you might delight to know that October 1st is Vegetarian Day. Ironically, it's also International Day for the Elderly (which kind of makes sense since less red meat is supposed to help you live longer).

October 2nd is Farm Day

Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial Weekend happens from the 3rd through the 5th of October

World Animal Day and National Taco Day are both on October 4th

October 6th is German-American Day

October 7th is known as World Smile Day and Frappe Day

If you're looking for a day with more than one thing to celebrate, look no further then October 9th which is filled to the brim with Leif Erikson Day, Moldy Cheese Day and Curious Events Day. Which means you can create your own curious event to thank dear Leif for discovering America with some Moldy Cheese.

Like eggs? Good, because 10/10 is World Egg Day!

October 12th is Moment of Frustration Scream Day (so let it all out!)

We're supposed to believe that October 13th is Navy Day and Skeptics Day, but I'm just not sure... ;)

If you're Bald and proud, then shout it out loud on October 14th which is Be Bald and Free Day

If you've just had enough with being cheerful all the time, then plan your next foul mood for National Grouch Day on October 15th (Oscar would be proud!)

October 16th is Boss's day, so celebrate if you're your own boss and if you're not, at least give your Boss a nice "happy boss's day" when you see them. Then make sure to pick up a fat dictionary and a Gyro to celebrate Dictionary Day and World Food Day.

The third Saturday of every October is known as the Sweetest Day.

Shave that beard! It's only right since October 18th is No Beard Day. It's also Alaska Day, but if you're in Alaska, it might be a bad time of year to shave your beard...

There's no reason to make much sense on October 21st, cause it's Babbling Day.

Mole Day is on October 23rd (for chemistry not the underground rodent or skin blemishes)

October 24th is National Bologna Day, which is actually baloney because it's never been official made into a "national" holiday. It's still celebrated by bologna lovers everywhere though, so why not join them?

One of my favorite October days is the 25th because it's Punk-for-a-day Day, as well as Sour Day. So you might as well just go Emo.

Make sure you not doing anything significant on October 26th, it's The Most Unproductive Day in the World Day.

October 29th is Laugh Suddenly for no Reason a Lot Today Day (HA!)

October 30th just so happens to be Candy Corn Day and Mischief Night, and just in time for halloween!

There's no irony that October 31st which is Halloween, also happens to be Knock-Knock day. So when the kids come knocking on your door for a treat, give them a trick with a good Knock-Knock joke.

October 31st is also the eve of Samhain, one of my favorite Pagan holidays, as well as Reformation Day (MLK JR.) and Nevada Day.


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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lake Stevens

    I think so too! October has always been one of my favorite months, and with this info it makes the month even better =)

  • Paradise7 profile image


    7 years ago from Upstate New York

    This is great! Pizza month, caramel month, and GRUMP DAY, my personal favorite aside from Halloween!


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