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Holy Week, a Staycation?

Updated on April 15, 2019

Palm Sunday Festivities

What is Holy Week?

Holy Week is an annual Christian observance of the Way of Suffering of Jesus Christ starting at Palm Sunday where mass attendees will bring their palms to be blessed by the priest. Christians believe that this week is the time to revisit the past year or reassess what is happening in their lives, on what to change for the betterment of their lives. This is because Holy Week is the reenactment of the Penance of Jesus Christ before His death on the cross.It is observed in most christian countries and is being followed consistently. Although time changes, there are still people who follow the traditions but there are also people who innovate and try to go with what is learned and adapted new ways to adjust without sacrificing the custom.

Celebrate or Respite

Many believe that during this time people choose to join the celebration, go on a vacation or just staycation. Why is that? There are still devotees who still believe that joining the celebration is actually helping themselves lessen the sins they have committed in their lifetime. Such activities are flogging themselves at the back or having themselves crucified on the cross to show that they are repentant for their transgressions. Another custom that they do is the Station of the Cross where the devotees will try to go from one station to another with prayers or chants until they finish to fourteenth station. This usually happens on high places such as mountains to really have the feels of the sacrifices of Jesus Christ. Those who chose to go on a vacation usually prefer going to beaches , resorts or go abroad just to pass the week.

Be Away or Stay

Another popular option is to stay home or stay in a hotel to observe the holy week quietly. The idea may not be as religious as the others but being solemn at home or hotel without loud noise, it is possible to feel the holy week spirit,too. It is time to meditate or deep-think about life as a whole. Reflections about significant things in life is of utmost importance. It can also be a time to get closer to God through sincere prayers and supplications. It is not just all about being holy for the week but also being closer to the family members. Bonding with family is possible, too. It is time to catch up with the latest news of the family member or a time for heart-to-heart talk with them. Food is limited to seafood, veggies and fruits. Meat is a no-no during this time. So, whatever is served at this time is appreciated because it is a high time for dieting with a purpose. What is important is the week is different from the usual busy days of one’s life. It is acknowledging and respecting the belief of the christian faith.

The Choice is Yours

Holy Week is a tradition for most christian countries. It may not be as conscientious as it was before, but it is being celebrated just the same. Some people will try to have choices on how to go about the whole week, whether to go with the usual practice or just spend it at home or somewhere quiet and peaceful. The choice will always be with the people‘s values on the tradition. It goes without saying that religious traditions like this go through changes, too. It will always depend on the mindset of the people involved. The essence is that the thought of sacrificing the whole week for the religious tradition is a consequential event for the christians who follow the traditon. It may not be as meticulous as the others but the idea of following this is there. The significance of this is that the tradition of Holy Week is still there but celebrated in various ways to fit to the needs of the people.

Diet is Limited to Veggies, Fruits, and Seafoods


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