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Homeless Children and Elderley Wandering the Streets This Christmas

Updated on May 27, 2024
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Could you live in a Shed or a car or just in a doorway this winter
Could you live in a Shed or a car or just in a doorway this winter | Source

Why are People Homeless

This is a time of year to think about people less fortunate than us. Christmas is a time of festivity, for most of us, sharing this special time with their family and friends?

What can be done to help these people? A variety of homeless charities do their best to provide a roof over some of them.

Reasons why people are homeless

  • alcoholism
  • drug related
  • Abusive home
  • Broken marriages
  • Money problems
  • Unemployment

There is no simple answer or reason as to why so many people are living on the streets these days. In many cases it could be accumulated reasons.

This article was prompted as I recently viewed a movie “Our House” It brought the seriousness of the homeless problems to the forefront at this time of year. The movie starring Doris Roberts as an elderly rich woman attempts to take her life. Her attempt fails as a homeless girl actress Judy Reyes as Billy saves her life.

The girl wants nothing in return, although Ruth cannot leave it at that and finds herself in all sorts of trouble by trying to help more homeless people. Eventually it brings her estranged son and daughter back into her fold before she dies.

Yes, it is a wonderful real life and tear-jerking movie. Romance blossomed when the lawyer became romantically involved with Ruth. Everyone worked together and won out in the end. I loved the realism of what can happen anywhere in life. You never know when your luck will turn bad, so enjoy it.

Try to Make an Effort this Year

If you cannot afford to buy an extra present to put under your local shopping centers Christmas tree, then there are other ways to help. Find a way to give to others less fortunate than yourself

Empty out your cupboards

Now is the time to go through the children’s outgrown clothing and unwanted toys. Sharing these will brighten up many people this Christmas. There are many charities hoping for donations of all sorts. It is common knowledge that someone’s cast off is someone else’s treasures.

Invite someone less fortunate to your home this Christmas. Share Christmas with your neighbor living on their own. If you will not be home yourself, at least pop in to say Merry Christmas, it may not mean much to you. The effort could make a huge difference to them.

Volunteer a few hours to help others

If you live on your own, why not volunteer to serve Christmas dinners to others less fortunate than yourself. The personal rewards will surprise you. Plus, you will be sharing and making new memories with others. This will beat sitting home alone.

So how about making that special effort and help others this Christmas.

Share your ideas for Helping

If you have another good idea on how to help the Homeless then please add it in the comments below. Much appreciated for your help.

A Homeless Persons Story

Welcome Homeless: One Man's Journey of Discovering the Meaning of Home
Welcome Homeless: One Man's Journey of Discovering the Meaning of Home
This is the story of a homeless person's journey and how he learned to discover the real meaning behind the word home.

Give Something Back to the Homeless

All Year Round Help for Homeless

There are homeless people living in the streets all over the world. It is not something relating to any particular country it is a Worldwide problem.,

Therefore, if you could offer your help or donate something you no longer need then they will definitely appreciate it.

Do not wait until Christmas to think about this problem it happens all year round. Winters are the worst time to have no home. Can you imagine the next time it is freezing in your nice home how much colder the people living on the street feel.

They do not even have warm blankets or coats. Give a thought to them when you complain about how cold it is.

Even giving them a smile and saying hello will at least give them a bit of hope, that someone really does care.

Helping the Homeless

Will you be Helping the Homeless this year and try to make their Christmas brighter

See results

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