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Homemade Christmas Gifts For Your Wife And Kids

Updated on December 24, 2011
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What Christmas Gifts Are You Giving Out This Xmas?

Christmas is here again, arriving with it- heavy winter in the North, South America, Europe, Asia and harmattan in the West Africa and sub-regions…hurray, Santa Claus will soon come to town again, so you better not sprout and be joyful all the time with your family and loved ones because Christmas is a time of joy and celebration.

The best way to celebrate Christmas is to spend quality time with your family and loved ones, shower them with gifts and make them feel specially loved by you. If you can afford a vacation trip to a cool Island or beach city like Bahamas and other Americas, then do it. But if you cannot afford that, you can still turn your home or little town into a heavenly made Xmas vacation spot for your family. But most importantly, spend enough time with them and ensure you shower them with amazing Christmas gifts. This time, I want you to go beyond the traditional gifts and offer them something unusual.

Traditionally, we are used to giving out Xmas greeting cardsmay this Christmas bring you joy, happiness and prosperity, blah, blah, blah…but enough of that this year, let’s go extra. Now let me ask you, have you ever thought of a homemade Xmas gift before? I am talking of a gift made by you and customized specially for your husband or kids?

Do you know that a $1 Xmas gift made by you will be more valuable to your wife than a $1000 gift bought in a Paris shop? Now, the question is, what are these Xmas gifts you can craft by yourself?

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Jewelry Box

Remember, women value their jewelry a lot, and they cannot do without it, so what about making a specially customized jewelry box for her, so that she can store her jewelries in there more conveniently? Believe me, she will never forget it, and you can craft better designs than the ones you can get in a gift shop. Give it a try this year and see.

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Bead Necklace

I am aware that not all women love beads, but majority of women love cutely crafted beads, at least, they won’t reject one that came from their beloved husband. Make sure you use a quality bead, a stone bead is okay, and ensure its attractive and glittering. You can craft many designs for the pendant- Xmas tree, Santa Claus, Little baby, etc. The above homemade stuffs are good to offer your loved ones as Christmas gifts.

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A Portrait or Artwork

I know this might sound odd and maybe nasty to you, but honestly, your wife won’t forget you if you try this. Remember, you must do it yourself, don’t hire an artist, and don’t draw her already existing photograph. Imagine her in the best posture you always admire her, and then make a sketch of it, and if you cannot paint or color it, you are permitted to hire a professional artist to paint it for you, but you must be the one to draw or sketch her first. But if you cannot draw her, then try an image or creature she loves so much- her pet animal or anything. I suggest drawing her in a beach mode or bikini, nightwear, cooking apron, breastfeeding baby posture, etc, but not nude.

You Can As Well Try the Traditional Gifts

If you are not satisfied with the homemade gifts, then stick with the traditional gifts, but bearing in mind that women of nowadays love electronic gadgets viz.- Blackberry handsets, i-phone, i-pad, android, etc. But one of the greatest disadvantages of these gifts is the fact that they go obsolete so easily, but the homemade gifts will last forever, and they are uncommon and also economic because one must be wise financially in this time of global economy depression.

Xmas Gifts for Kids

Obviously, kids love electronics, toys, games, that is just their nature, they love something unusual. Or haven’t you wondered why all kids love cartoon? It’s just because the cartoons look unusual to them. So if you’re considering a homemade Xmas gift for your male kid, try making him a customized kite, crafted in the form of Santa Claus or Christmas tree. Honestly, if you do this, he will compose a poem for you. For the female kid, try crafting a Virgin Mary’s teddy for her. You can as well try a Jesus-looking teddy.

Last year Xmas, I presented my six-year old niece a kite as an Xmas gift, and he was so excited to the extent that he discarded the several costly toys his dad bought for him for Xmas. This is just to tell you how much we value the things we most times take for granted.

I shall leave you guys here for now, meanwhile, I have to get back to work to finish that portrait of my mum before it gets late, catch you guys later…oh, oh, lest I forgot, Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year In Advance! Enjoy your Christmas eve.

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Have you ever presented your loved one a customized homemade xmas gift before?

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