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Homemade Gift Ideas for Mom That Take Less Than 30 Minutes to Make

Updated on November 25, 2012
The flowers in the vase are actually pencils!
The flowers in the vase are actually pencils! | Source

Homemade Gift Ideas for your Mother

There are several reasons why you should consider giving your mother a homemade gift. First, homemade gifts take time and mother's will appreciate the time you spent making the gift. Secondly, most mothers are sentimental and there is nothing more fun than getting out all the homemade gifts that they have received as a way to take a trip down memory lane. Finally, cost is a perfect reason to make a homemade gift. Homemade gifts cost you time, not money and everyone can make time.However, if you are short on time these great homemade gift ideas take less than thirty minutes. After teaching in an elementary classroom and in Sunday school for over twelve years, I have quite a few to share!

Homemade Flower Pencils

This is my favorite homemade Mother's Day gift that takes less than 30 minutes to make. It is a great homemade gift for adults or children to make as a Mother's Day or even a birthday gift. The vase serves as a great place to store pencils and the pencils are fun to write with!

Materials: Green floral tape, pencils, artificial flowers, vase (optional)

Step 1: Separate the flowers from the bunch and cut to fir the length of the pencil. (Leave some room for sharpening).

Step 2: Hold the flower against the pencil and tightly wrap the floral tap around the pencil several times to make the flower firmly adhere to the pencil

Step 3: After making a few flower pencils, arrange them nicely in a vase

Pencil Flower
Pencil Flower | Source
Fabric Flower Pin
Fabric Flower Pin | Source

Fabric Flower Pin

There is nothing better than a beautiful flower that never dies. By making a flower pin out of fabric and ribbon, you have a nice flower you can pin on your mother's shirt and she won't have to worry about it ever dying. This is also great for moms that have severe allergies!

Materials: Scrap pieces of cotton fabric, fake leaves, floral tape, thin ribbon, large stick pin

Step 1: You can make these as big or small as you want. Fold the fabric and then roll it into a cylinder shaped flower. Do this for 2-3 pieces of fabric.

Step 2: Hold the rolled pieces of fabric together and insert one fake leaf.

Step 3: (You may need another set of hands for this step). Wrap floral tape around the bottom of the material and leaf.

Step 4: Tie a bow around the flower using thin ribbon

Step 5: Add a large stick pin to the back and your gift is ready to go!

Digital Scrapbook

Digital scrapbooks are great for mothers that live far away or ones that are into everything digital. You can create free digital scrapbooks at The free account will allow you to upload your own pictures (and comments) into a scrapbook that can be e-mailed or posted on a Facebook page.You only have to pay for a smilebox account if you want to have the ability to print the scrapbook.

Memory Jar

Mason Jar full of memories
Mason Jar full of memories | Source

Memory Mason Jar

My children actually made one of these as a Christmas gift for their grandparents, but it would be an awesome Mother's Day gift that comes straight from the heart.

Materials: Mason jar, 6"x 6" square of fabric, white or colored computer/copy paper

Step 1: Lay the metal circle of the mason jar in the center of the fabric square and cut a large circle out of the square so that fabric will hang over the jar lid.

Step 2: Cut the paper into strips and then write favorite memories, bible verses, or quotes on the strips.

Step 3: Fold the strips and put them into the mason jar. Screw on the lid with the fabric.

Step 4: Make sure your mom takes the time to read all the strips inside the jar!

You could also make mom coupons and put them in the jar. Coupons that say things like: " good for one day of no arguing", "good for one shoulder massage", "good for cleaning the car"

Painted Rock Paper Weight

For the artists in your house, consider painting a heavy smooth rock as a paper weight for your mom. You can also buy a small concrete block and paint a doorstop instead.

Materials: acrylic paint, clear sealer (if using the door stop outside), paint markers, concrete block or rock

Step 1: Paint a solid base color on the rock

Step 2: Using a paint marker, write a fun saying on the rock. Examples: "My Mom Rocks", "You are my rock and my foundation", "My love for you is rock solid"

Step 3: Decorate the rest of the rock with polka dots, swirls, or other fun designs.


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      6 years ago

      You have some great ideas here. I love the memory mason jar and digital scrapbook. Thanks for sharing these ideas. Voted up and useful!


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