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Around the World Party ideas

Updated on July 8, 2011

Around the World party ideas

When hosting an "Around the World" party the first step is to pick several countries or a single country and concentrate on those when preparing for your party. It is exciting to pick several countries. This will include several countries -- It depends on space available and your plans of having it in one room or in different rooms, inside or out.

Decorations: globes, maps with the countries identified, books about different countries, and world balloons. Flag decorations can be bought cheaply with flags from different countries and displayed.

Next it is time to choose table decorations. Pick a tablecloth to match one of the colors in the countries national flag. For centerpieces paint a clay pot with the colors of the flag of that country and put stickers around it labeling the country and then some stickers of things that would be seen in that country. Then put artificial flowers native to that country in the pot along with a flag of that country. Print the flag on cardstock paper and put on wood skewers inserting among the flowers. Also put items representative of that country on the table for enjoyment of your guests.

Some ideas and suggestions are:

Italy - wine bottles with candles inserted and melted down the sides (tip melt crayons along with candle to make a colorful display), grapes and ivey, leaning tower of Piza, Wine and cheese to nibble on table.

Germany - Octoberfest and beer steins, alpine hats. Pretzles and German beer.

Japan - Fans, chopsticks, gongs, oriental tea set, zen sand set, Fortune cookies and tea.

Mexico - Somberos, maracas and chili peppers and colorful fabric runner. Chips and salsa and Mexican beer.

Egypt: Cobra snakes, silk frabric, jewelry, make pyramid out of molding clay and paint rust color. Fruit juice and nuts.

Russia: Black bears, snow, black and gold boxes. Vodka and nuts.

Australia: Kangaroos, slouch hat, eucylyptus branches, koala bears. Chicko rolls and Australian beer.

Pictures relating to sports in that country, famous sports stars, people, leaders, etc can be displayed also.

Food can be matched to countries. Example German potato salad, Mexican tacos and Italian sphegetti. If you are serving mixed drinks research the countries and find out drinks from that country and incorporate them or use your stand by drinks and make up names to go with a country - like "French Fountain of Youth": Post a drink list by the bar. Your guests will get a laugh out of ordering a Russian Bear, French Kiss or Hot Tamale.

Music can be very versitle and a lot of fun to dance to. A CD with music from each country is very useful and fun to interact with. If you have a band alert them ahead of time of your plans and hopefully they can accommodate you.

When you send out invitations to your party tell each guest to dress in their favorite country attire and join in the fun. You can be specific about the countries you are representing so they can dress appropirately or they can just pick a country and add to the fun by more countries being represented at your party. You could also gear your party to the country of your guests heritage. That would make each guest feel extra special knowing that their heritage is represented at your party. You might also ask each guest to bring a dish native to the country they are representing.

All set - now it is time to have fun and enjoy the party!


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Really good marketing advice.