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Housewarming Gift Ideas for Her

Updated on July 2, 2015
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For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.

She might be single, a college student, living abroad, or even the "better half" of a young couple - or an older couple, for that matter. She's moving into a new home - a house, apartment, dorm room, or other accommodations. You need to get her a housewarming gift that's perfect, but you're not quite sure of her taste.

Here are some great housewarming gift ideas for women - some traditional and conventional, others unusual, non-conventional, and unique, but all hand-selected as appropriate housewarming gifts for a woman who appreciates a warm welcome into her new abode.

Women with a sweet tooth will love a chocolate gift. A stressed-out gal who's been dealing with a long-distance move will appreciate the luxury of a spa gift basket.

Below you'll also find a gift for a female friend or client who's into gardening and home improvement or loves to spend time puttering in the kitchen.

Does she like reading? Buy a fantastic book gift for her.

And there's always the failsafe gourmet gift basket with delicious food goodies to keep her going.

Find all of these suggestions below!

Fragrant & Exquisite Gift Baskets Make Wonderful Housewarming Presents

A feminine gift basket or hamper is distinctive and overflows with a sense of warmth, luxury, beauty and personal comfort. However, if she's not really into aromatherapy scents, body pampering or feminine accents, check out some more practical and neutrally aesthetic ideas below.

Sweets as Housewarming Presents

If she likes sweets, the answer's simple - have delicious chocolates sent to the single woman, college student, or female half of the couple moving into her new home.

A chocolate gift basket or a quality selection of luxury chocolates will give her a welcome break from the hectic time of unpacking and adjusting to a new residence.

Classic Housewarming Spa Gifts for Her

Aromatic spa gifts, from lotions and balms to scented soaps and personal care bath products, don't have to be same-old, same-old. A cranberry scent might be friendly to noses somewhat sensitive to the heavier perfumes of lavender, rose, etc.

Cooking Themed Housewarming Gifts for Her

Does she have a clay baker? I do and use it for anything from baking bread to roasting chicken. If she enjoys cooking, check out the old-fashioned clay baker, made of unglazed terra cotta, for cooking vegetable casseroles, bread and meat the old-fashioned way. This really is a wonderful gift and well-loved by people who own one.

Kitchen Themed Housewarming Gifts

Colorful Fabric Gifts for Housewarming

Clothing doesn't make the best housewarming gift, as such...that is, unless it's an apron. If she's handy in the kitchen, get her a pretty apron to make her feel at home. Throw in a colorful set of reusable grocery bags to give her something she'll find highly useful, not to mention attractive when stored in her kitchen.

Home and Garden Housewarming Gifts for Women

Around the house and in the garden, she's bound to love any of these carefully chosen housewarming presents.

For the woman who lives in a house and has a garden or porch in which to hang chimes, the Woodstock wind chimes are truly remarkable - not your average sounding wind chime.

If she's an ambitious gardener, give her the garden tool set - especially if she's new to gardening and not sure what she might need.

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Women: Home Accents

We recently moved into a new home. Home accents like a pillar candle or an accent pillow are great generic gifts to get, but I, personally, would rather receive something a little more practical to go along with the "ooh-ahh". Space, after all, is usually at a premium even after the main unpacking is undone. Thus the butterfly Tiffany accent lamp - it suits either an elegant or naturalistic home design.

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Her: Books

Books with a home theme are perfect for housewarming.

Whether she's moving into a dorm room, an apartment, a house with a small garden, or a large house with ambitions for a parquetry floor, there's something for the woman in your life.

She can learn how to do home repair if she's game. And if she's into old-fashioned cookery, try the book on breadmaking.

The best idea for her in the end is one she'll remember even after it's used up. Even if you don't know her very well, many of these gifts fit a wide assortment of personalities and will make her a happy camper - or, actually, homeowner.

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