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How Do You Have a Halloween Party for Kids and Adults?

Updated on October 25, 2017

How Do You Have A Fun Halloween Party For Kids & Adults?

Halloween, a holiday that we look forward to as children for all of the free candy, and as adults as a night to escape. How do we blend these two things to pull of a killer Halloween party? I was presented with this issue myself as I tried to organize a housewarming party in my new house, with a Halloween theme, it being the weekend before Halloween and all. Side note, Halloween should never be on a Tuesday.

The first thing you need for a killer Halloween party is your guest list. Now if you're anywhere in life like I am (end of my twenties, everyone is married, dating, engaged, single, with or without kids) then this is going to be quite a list. Do you let your friend bring that guy she just met on Tinder? Inviting the couples? Do you want them to bring their darling children? Assuming you've answered yes to at least the last question, here is a great way to go about it! Create a Facebook event. In your Facebook event page there will be space for you to put a time, place, date, and information. In the section for information, be sure to outline your party and your goals as clearly as possible. Repeat yourself if you have to! For my Halloween party I made sure to say that costumes were STRONGLY encouraged (I love dressing up and it makes for great pictures!) but, they're not required. I also stated that we WOULD NOT be providing any booze and for everyone to please BYOB. In addition to the alcohol disclaimer, I also reminded my guests (ranging in ages from 21-65) that if they start to behave in an irrational, drunken, uncontrollable fashion that they will be asked to leave. This is my new house, I don't want anyone having any accidents or breaking anything. I asked everyone to please bring their favorite game or snack as well. I'm not made of money, we just bought a house, please bring entertainment and food! I informed my guests that there will be food, drinks, games, and entertainment provided.

Now to the children. They're so adorable aren't they? Some of my guests have them, some don't. I didn't want anyone to feel like they couldn't come, so I found what I believe to be the best solution. Split the party time! I have designated 6-9PM as "family friendly" time where people can stop by with their children, and then after 9PM, it's adult time! In order to cater to both the kids and the adults I've designed several things. For the kids, we have a ton of decorations, lights, projectors, bubbles, stickers, food, toys, and games. For the adults, we have dancing, karaoke, drinks, food, games, and contests like costume karaoke and best costume! I may end up having an eight hour party, but I will be able to see everyone I want to, and enjoy their children as well!

It's not as hard as it may seem, you can blend the two both together. Below is a list of things I've gotten and planned for my party! Use it as a template for yours! Remember to be safe, and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Decor: I purchased all of my decor from Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree. This included: garland, multi colored pumpkin buckets with various faces, table cloths for indoor and outdoor, trays to lay food out on, cups, paper plates/cups/utensils, balloons (orange balloons I drew Jack O Lantern faces on), projector (pumpkins and Happy Halloween!), a witches broom, and spider webs.

Games: I collected board games from my friends and family, I also purchased bubbles, stickers, treat bags, and kid friendly games for the children. We will be doing costume karaoke courtesy of YouTube and a costume contest as well that will be judged by blind vote in a witches hat! There will also probably be a dance off, including a Thriller dance off. Fun for all!

Food: We're having everyone bring basics, chips, cookies, cupcakes, and we are providing sodas, juice, themed drinks, a meat and cheese tray, and a vegetable tray. I'm also making a batch of pumpkin patch brownies (bake brownies, ice with chocolate frosting, crumble Oreo's on top, and throw some candy pumpkins on there!) and two dispensers of wine punch that I'm making from wine we've gotten as gifts that we will never drink.

Our goal at the end of the night is to have our large group of friends all mesh together well, have a great time, and fill our house with the warmth of their company, love, and support! I've taken a lot of time to carefully craft this party and look forward to seeing how it goes! That will be m next article, How Do You Have A Fun Halloween Party for Kids & Adults: The Aftermath! Look forward to pictures, videos, and updates! Hope this has helped you out in your Halloween party planning!


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