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How The Grinch Stole Christmas Almost

Updated on October 9, 2009

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


  Many children while believing in Santa Claus this Christmas will also have plenty reason to believe that the Grinch is very much real and living in their own homes. They will see the Grinch in the faces of mothers and fathers who couldn’t afford to buy them all the stuff or even any of the things they requested in their Christmas list. Small children will not understand Daddy got laid off or Mommy had to take a pay cut because they don’t know what either term means, all they will see is a barely empty tree, all you will see are the looks of disappointment on their faces.  It’s okay though as with all tough times those times will pass if you let it. 

  Christmas should be about spending time with your family celebrating the birth of Jesus if you believe in Christianity. The world has made Christmas into a circus where every time it comes to town you are supposed to go haywire spending money like water on things that are totally unnecessary.  That way of thinking about Christmas has completely taken over, even in schools the children receive assignments to write about what they want Santa to bring them, then upon returning back to school from Christmas break they write another assignment titled what I got for Christmas.  Imagine a child being given that school assignment but not having anything to state on it because they received nothing, how would you as a teacher or parent handle it? As a teacher would you fail the student or tell them to make up something? 

 Are we being untruthful to our children about the way life really is by having them believe in people such as the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus?  What will be the child’s state of mind upon growing up knowing that those characters never existed?  You’re saying its okay they’re kids they’ll understand when they’re older why we lie to them.  If Santa Claus was so real they’ll ask you why he didn’t deliver world peace, you know there is some child out there whose mother or father is away serving their country who is going to ask for that this Christmas. It’s going to be very sad if world peace is the only thing on that Childs list.

Children are smarter than adults think these days, they watch TV, watch the news, the cartoons are almost geared towards adults, they hear conversations, and they sense tension in the home, so they will surely understand a few simple truths as to why Santa had to pass them over this year.  Then again maybe your child won’t understand if you’ve raised them so far to be clingy to worldly things and keeping up with what everyone has.  Children will 85% of the time base their life on what their childhood was like, they’ll either want to view it as how well they turned out in adulthood or how messed up their lives have become.  Its okay to give a child something to believe in but you should never have them believe in lies.

If you are short on cash this holiday season you do not have to be a Grinch.  You can take your family to visit other family members to ease tension, you’d be surprised how when you’re around other loved ones your day seems to get brighter, well if they are loved ones who are a joy to be around.  You can also spend a nice Christmas right in the comfort of your own home with the family, have a dinner, watch some movies, and make Christmas about bonding. Your child will remember the one thing they received at Christmas that they could never get from any retail store which is unconditional love. Let your children know that if it were up to you they’d have the world, that they mean the world to you, don’t let them see you grumpy and depressed because they will sense that anger.  Let them know that its okay


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