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How To Create An Awesome Childrens Halloween Party To Remember

Updated on September 1, 2012
My grandkids and me at one of my parties.
My grandkids and me at one of my parties.
Me as Lucy.
Me as Lucy.
My grandkids
My grandkids

How To Create An Awesome Childrens Halloween Party

Gosh Halloween is just around the corner again!, and it is time to think about planning that wonderful Halloween party. So where do we begin? Party planning can sometimes feel overwhelming. So let us start by making the list of plans for the party. It can take some time to organize the party, so you really should get an early jump start on it now. Here I have listed some things to get started with, and don't forget to have the kids help with the party planning, as they will have a lot of great ideas to make the party a success!

Party List:
Plan the date of your Halloween party, and be sure everyone can attend.

*** Party Invitations: Are a must. You can buy them in the store, or make your own, or even find some on the internet and print them out. But I think having the kids help make them is really fun.
** The Party Foods: Make out the menu of food and treats you will be making. Finger foods are great for kids. Maybe pigs in a blanket, corn dogs, mini pizza bagles, fun cupcakes, and Halloween punch.
***The Party Decorations: Streamers, orange & black balloons, rubber rats, fake hands with blood on them, and so on. Also you will need paper cups,paper plates, plastic silverware and napkins.
** The Costumes
** The party games
** Prizes: For the winners of the games, and the best costumes. You can pick up stuff at the dollar stores.
** Scary and funny Party Music
**Special Party Attractions, the kids should give some input on this one.
*** Scary Story Telling Time! The scarier the better!
Add everything you can think of to the party list. Also when ideas pop into your head write them down.

Okay! Lets start with the decorations! Setting the mood is an important part. First start with the outside of the house, as it will be the first thing your guests will see when they arrive for the party, as well as the "Trick or Treaters" on Halloween night. You should make it fun and scary as possible. Animated decorations are always great fun! Scary talking decorations are the bomb! Use as much imagination and the element of surprise as possible , keeping in mind you may be on a budget, so you may have to shop around for good deals on Halloween decorations. Everyone has their own special way of decorating. You should be able to find some really great stuff at Dollar stores near you, or even the local Family Dollar store. Where I live , there are plenty of these cheap Dollar stores, and I love all of them . I find really great buys all the time. It is all about being creative,even if you are on a budget. I can't tell you exactly what to buy or how to decorate and put it all together, that's up to your creative imagination. Keep in mind the scarier the better! If you have a backyard you can turn it into a haunted house or graveyard, or even if you have a basement, which you can turn into something scary! Just like in the movies, anything is possible.

Remember way back then, when the "Roseanne show was still on the air? And all her great Halloween shows? They were just so funny! They used the kitchen and the livingroom with props to scare people. So anything is possible. Be creative and think scary!

Okay now that our decorations are planned out, we can now work on our menu. We all want to make food that is fun and easy to make, but all that still takes time. So we have to plan accordingly. Make sure you have time to prepare the food ahead of time, and some foods will have to be made the day of the party. Make sure you have a good variety, include the main entree, plus a variety of appetizers. Deviled eggs are always a big hit, plus pepperoni, a few choices for crackers, chips, cheeses, popcorn balls, candy apples, and of course all the other sugary treats that you will make. Cup Cakes are always a good idea, or even a decorated sheet cake, and Spice or Pumpkin flavored cakes are really yummy with homemade cream cheese frosting, "This is my favorite". The menu can be anything you want it to be. Don't forget what you will serve as the beverage. That is up to you. Punch is always a "must", as should be Apple Cider and hot chocolate, plus other beverages as well, so have different things on hand. Remember to decorate the buffet table, as it will set the mood. You can use different sized pumpkins, gourds, bloody gory hands, creepy spiders or whatever you want to make it look festive and scary.

^^^ The Costumes:

This is the really fun part!! What will you choose to be?? Deciding will be so darn hard, it is for me anyway, because costume choices float around in my head like jelly beans! First thing to do is make sure the costume you pick will be comfortable and easy to move around in, as you will have to wear it for a long time on party night. There are so many simple and easy costumes that can be made from everything that you have around your home, such as the old standby classics: The colorful Gypsy, Aye The Pirate, the funny Scarecrow, the bejewled Princess. Anything goes as long as you use what you have around the house and use imagination. You can even borrow stuff from family or friends to make a great costume. You can just go buy a costume, and that is okay, you can just fix it up in your own way. The costume can be simple or elaborate, but really you should add personal touches into the costume and make it your own. That is what makes it a really special costume! Also makeup will add a lot of character to the costume as well. I feel makeup is a very important part of any costume, unless of course you are wearing a really awesome mask! Last year I dressed up as a Leopard Woman and the year before that I was " Lucy"!, from the "I love Lucy show". I always wanted to be just like her lol.

^^^ Games:

Games are always so much fun!! You can make up some of your own , or you can find so many of them online. We have games that we love to play at our Halloween parties, and they are not hard to play, not to mention they are really fun! The kids love to play " Pin The Tail On The Witch", this is just like pin the tail on the Donkey. Another fun game is to put "Characters" into balloons and blow them up, then each person takes a turn popping a balloon and acting out the Character, and everyone else has to try and guess it !! Of course there are the old standby games, such as: musical chairs & bobbing for apples. Be sure to have prizes for the winners! Scary stories are always fun to do! You can find them on the Internet and print them out or write your own. You can decide who will read the stories. You could even have a seance or tarot card readings, depending on the ages of the children. Also try to have special lighting for story telling time, as it will make it more fun and scary! Let the imagination run wild and have fun.
And by all means don't forget to plan all the scary Halloween music that you will be playing. You can buy music at the store or make a CD off the Internet. Kids can even help choose the music and put it on a CD!, and that will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Now that you have all the plans in place, decorations are up, food is ready to go, all that is left to do is wait for the guests to arrive and greet them.

{{{{ Welcome And Enjoy The Party!! }}}}}

Have A Fun And Happy Safe Halloween Everyone!!!


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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      great ideas, thanks


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