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How To Design A Great Easter Basket

Updated on March 12, 2011

Easter, traditionally, is a time of religious celebration.  It is something the Bible tells Christians to remember and celebrate.  It is the day that Jesus rose from the dead.  Today, people celebrate Easter in a contemporary manner with Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets.  Some people just think of Easter as the kick off to spring.  Either way, an outstanding Easter basket is a great way to celebrate.

There is nothing wrong with a store bought Easter basket.  It is convenient and simple.  It also is generic and sparse in most cases.  An Easter basket tailored to the recipient is much better. 

The Basket

You should start with a heavy Easter basket that can be used year after year.  This will save you money in the long run and make for a nice tradition.  Discounted wicker baskets throughout the year at most craft stores.  You can then paint it the color of your choice, but it should feel like spring (light green rather than forest green, for example).

Necessary Items

When filling the Easter basket, you should think ahead to summer.  There are probably many items that you purchase for summer use for your children regardless that you should include in your Easter basket.  These items help fill the basket, make for excitement, and help you keep costs down since you would be purchasing them anyhow.  These include a bathing suit, a cover-up for girls or a rash guard for boys, a beach towel, sunglasses, some type of shoe (crocs, flip flops, aqua socks) for the pool/beach, a hat, and sunscreen.  You might also want to include a few summer outfits.

Traditional Items to Include

Most people think of candy with an Easter basket.  Go ahead and include some.  An Easter basket just wouldn’t be the same without a chocolate bunny or duck.  A package of jelly beans is also a traditional item for most Easter baskets.  You can also include gum, suckers, rock candy, licorice or anything else the recipient enjoys!

Whenever you have a fair amount of candy, think of adding a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-6 months anyhow and you can always use toothpaste.  Think of something more fun than the basic items.  Try a battery operated toothbrush that plays music, for example.

Brain Fun

There should also be something for the brain.  Pick out a book the recipient might enjoy, or add a magazine subscription.  Puzzle or brain teaser books, or actual puzzles and brain teasers also make great Easter basket additions.  But there are other choices, too!  You can add a nice journal and fun pencils and pens.  Grab a sketch book and some markers.  A nice set of note cards will also help encourage some educational pursuits in a fun way. 

The Fun and The Frivolous

The last items you should put into your Easter basket should include things purely for fun.  These things could include a skateboard, Nerf guns, a sprinkler, a slip-n-slide, pool toys, sidewalk chalk/paint, toy cars, Littlest Pet Shop toys, etc.  Whatever the interests are of the recipient should be represented.

Wrapping It Up

Lastly, you should present the Easter basket in a special way.  Cellophane wrap will hold your basket together nicely.  A bow at the top with lots of curling ribbon will end it in a special way.  If you purchased items that are too large to fit in the basket, arrange them under and around the basket so everything is connected and looks like one giant present.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Use the same basket year after year
  • Buy many items that you will be purchasing regardless
  • Buy at the end of summer the year prior when items are on clearance
  • Shop at the dollar store
  • Use coupons for a % off at places like Michaels
  • If you have multiple recipients, buy items, like cellophane wrap, in bulk


For children, you may want to color code your kids.  For example, child A can have a green basket and a green bucket for hunting Easter eggs while child B has yellow and child C has purple and child D has blue.  For really young children, you can also make each set of Easter eggs fall under the same color.  Buying colored coded candy/toys in the same color saves a lot of confusion down the line.  Wal-Mart and Target frequently have the same Easter item(s) in a multitude of different colors.


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