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How To Enjoy Valentine's Day On A Budget

Updated on December 29, 2011

Valentine's Day On A Budget

Celebration of love on Valentine’s Day does not have to be a lavish affair. Infact you can enjoy Valentine's Day on a budget. How, you ask? Instead of spending a lot of money on gifts or dates you can do something meaningful and simple for your loved one. Believe it or not, showing love and care through personalised gestures mean more than any expensive gift that you can ever think of. Here are a few ideas that could be helpful.

Rather than going to an expensive place, try to do things together with your loved one, it will help you bond better so plan ahead. Go for a hike together and pack lunch with you so that you can have an outdoor picnic. You can visit museums together if both are passionate about history and culture. If your partner likes sports then both of you can engage in playing games like tennis, basketball or others.

If your partner is not outdoorsy then planning a romantic day together would have to remain indoors. You can decorate the bedroom with candles, flowers and coloured curtains. Sprinkle some flower petals and perfume onto the bed. Cook all the dishes that your partner likes and open a bottle of their favourite wine. You can also rent some romantic movies to watch before having dinner together. You can also spend some quality time together by learning to do something new like playing an instrument or taking a painting lesson just for the sake of fun on the special day.


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    • MarleneWheeler profile image

      MarleneWheeler 6 years ago

      With this economy your ideas are very practical and what is more important than just being together, no matter what you're doing with your loved one.