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How To Make A Halloween Costume Glow Part II

Updated on May 27, 2015

If you are still reading because you want to find out how to incorporate EL Wire into your costume, then keep going! If you have never had a chance to play with EL Wire, it can be a daunting task at first. There is a certain amount to know about the technology in order to make the best use out of it. Buying a "ready made el wire kit" is a good way to go in this case, as there is generally nothing you need to know about it. Just pop a couple of batteries in it, and watch it glow. Most kits will go up to about 20 feet or so, which is the perfect length for an EL Wire costume. Let's say for instance, that you wanted to outline a tuxedo in EL Wire. You would probably need between 10 and 20 feet, to create a good effect.

In order to attach the wire onto the costume, you have two choices; Fabric Glue and Sewing. Fabric Glue is my preferred choice, as it sticks very well, and allows you to create straight lines easily. Hot glue is a last resort, although its properties seem to be the easiest approach (dries quickly - no mess!). The hot glue over time will lose its bond with the wire, and it will render it a flapping mess. This can be weeks, or months, but probably within 24 hours, you would have wished you took my approach and used fabric glue. Any fabric glue will work, but I have found GOOP to be the best glue for most jobs.


Is Sewing Better Than Glueing?

Sewing is your second main choice as it is relatively easy to do, coming from a guy who has never took a sewing class in his life. I usually use a hybrid of Fabric Glue and Sewing, as anytime you bend the wire, on a corner, or turn, this has a tendency to lift off the fabric. My recommendation is if you wanted to glue the straight portions, and sew the corners, this allows for a great effect, and maximum durability.

Starting Point - Depending on the costume, you can take almost as finding a starting point, as you do for the entire glue+sew job, but it is also the most necessary. Look for an "easy wear" position, as you are safest finding a spot with a pocket, can hold easily to the clothing, and will not get a lot of abuse. Finding a spot close to your body, where it will not move around is key, and the key to being able to wear your costume more than once. Think about this, most battery packs are about 3-6 ounces, and having that much extra weight may not seem like anything when it's in your pocket, but a lot when it's hanging from your neckline.

Ending Point - The nice thing about glowing costumes, is when you want to end the costume, simply cut it off with a pair of scissors and you are done. Nothing else is required. Next thing to do is take it in the bathroom, turn off the lights, and watch your masterpiece glow! Congratulations, you are done!


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