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How To Pick a Father's Day Gift

Updated on May 29, 2011
World's greatest dad on father's day!
World's greatest dad on father's day! | Source

Father's day can be an interesting day when it comes to trying to pick out gifts. If you're anything like me, you have a ripe old father who pretty much buys everything he needs instead of leaving room for others to get some things for him as gifts, and your kids father never knows what he wants. This can make it somewhat difficult to figure out what to get them for gifts on fathers day.

You want to make sure you get them something that shows how grateful you are for all the years they gave to your youth, and you also want the gift to be something they'll like. So to help you figure out just what gift to get dad, I'm here to offer you some gifting ideas. It won't do the job for you, but sometimes coming up with the idea is all you need to get the ball rolling.

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BBQ Gear

BBQ gifts are almost always a hit on father's day, especially if the father in question the all American dad sort of guy. The reason BBQ gifts work so well, is because father's day is just about the same time as the beginning of summer (in the northern hemisphere), which means they are already thinking about all that tender grilling they're going do.

I find the best way to get ideas for BBQ gifts, is to go out and look at your dad's BBQ stuff before he pulls it out for the summer. Or at least on a day when he's not thinking about grilling. Take a look at everything he has. Is there a nice set of grilling tools hanging from his BBQ? Does he have the right tools for cleaning the BBQ while he's using it? Do you see a good set of supplies around - charcol, propane, fluids, ect...

If it appears that dad has everything he needs, take some time to examine the state of the BBQ itself. Do you know how old the BBQ is? If it's more than 2 years old, you can pretty safely bet that dad has probably been eying newer BBQ's out there. Who could help it? As every year passes, BBQ's and Grills get cooler and cooler. Even if the BBQ he has works just fine, it doesn't mean he might not enjoy a newer model.

If everything seems fine or out of your price range in the department of BBQ's and accessories, you can just get him some juicy treats to grill up on that fire machine. By him some bulk steaks, chicken breast and pork chops that he can throw onto the grill anytime he gets the urge. It's always made a good hit with the dad's in my life.

New Tools

For this gift idea, you should sit and think about what things your dad does around the house the most. Is he a lawn guy, who likes to go out and make sure that grass is never to tall? Maybe he prefers to leave the yard alone and fix up the roof and siding around the house? Or it could be that the dad in your life, is a car guy. Who enjoys getting greasy and fixing up his beastie.

Once you've thought about what your dad likes to do, you can sneak into his shed, garage or tool shop and get some ideas for what to get him. Tools almost always make great fathers day gifts, as those of the male persuasion tend to enjoy practical gifts. Unlike their female counterparts, who usually prefer something completely impractical for gifts.

Gadgets Galore

Gadget's are something that everyone can enjoy, and there are so many to choose from, that it's hard to avoid this idea when you're considering what to get dad.

Now... there are a few directions you can go for picking out a great gadget gift for dad on fathers day. You could either get him a replacement gadget, for something that you already know he uses. Or you could get him a gadget that's completely new to him, which is appealing to that adventurous side of men.

By going with a replacement gadget, such as a cell phone, GPS or other tech gift that he already uses, you can pretty much be assured that he'll enjoy his gift. Though by going with something new to him, you might help him realize his love for a whole new gadget. Though a new toy is a gamble, because it might be too complex or just turn out to be less interesting than he thought it would be. Still, it's always fun to see what new tech gifts your dad enjoys, and even a bad gift can help you get him a good gift, the next time around.

Some gadget gifts that have been hits for the fathers/grandfathers in my life:

~In Car GPS
~New Car Stereo or Alarm
~CB Radio's
~Effects Pedals (Music Instru.)
~In-Dash TV's
~New Cell Phone
~Small Solar Panel Kits
~Kinetic Toys

Father's Day T-Shirts

What dad doesn't want a tee shirt that says "World's Greatest Dad" or "World's Greatest Grandpa"? These shirts may be simple in nature, but the mean a lot and are usually trendy enough that any dad can sport one on fathers day.

To make it more personal, you can custom design a fathers day tee shirt with your favorite quote about dads, saying that your father has said a lot, or just get a pre-designed shirt and have the whole family sign it before it gets all wrapped up.

New Socks

It annoys the heck out of my mother, but I find that the best gift for dad is sometimes as simple as a new package of socks. Dad is at that age where he really doesn't need much, but his feet are getting ripe in their age and he can really value new socks. The new clean feeling of them, the soft comfort they supply to old feet. It's hard to go wrong with them. So long as you've had a look at the socks your father wears most often, it's an easy gift to get.

Think about it. Socks are in your budget, they're simple and dad will love them.


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