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Things to Do and Not to be done on Christmas Day

Updated on June 27, 2015


Things to do on the Christmas day. Things people should not do on the Christmas day.
Things to do on the Christmas day. Things people should not do on the Christmas day. | Source


Christmas is universal Christians celebration that gives joy to many. It is known that all Christians in the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christian on every 25th of December. It is seen as a remarkable day in every Christian's life. There is usually joy everywhere once that faithful day approaches and all Christians prepare for it. Children do not in any way dull on the remarkable day as all know that the day is a day of eating, visiting and maximum enjoyment. There are things which Christians whether active or non-active should do on Christmas day. Also, there are certain things that someone who calls himself a Christian should not do as many do not understand the real meaning of Christmas.

Things to do on Christmas day

Christmas calls for joy and you really need to experience it because it comes once every 365 days of a year. You have no reason not to celebrate it with your friends. A man who has a female friend can take her out on that day to eat and drink. It is allowed and should not in any way feel shy if they want to take such action. People should not see sin in what is right no matter what they think is the level of their spirituality. Also, feel free to go to some expensive places with your friends and spend some money with them. What matters is that you spend wisely in order not to blame anybody after the celebration. Anyone who wishes can buy some cloths for the friend whether male or female.

It is advisable to attend church on every Christmas day. Note that the person we celebrate on that day instituted Christian religion and for that reason, all Christians are advised to attend Christian service in their churches. After church, all are to go back to their individual homes and continue with the celebration.

Christmas is a celebration of joy and of helping the needy. It is the period for helping those who are in need. Is there any less privileged person in your vicinity? Christians are charged to help the needy during celebrations of this type because Christ advised us to do so as it is a means of giving to God. Irrespective of how small you earning is, you can help that neighbour of yours that has little or nothing to celebrate with, like food and money. It is expected that you give according to how much you made from your work. It is a pity that some people do not give to the poor in some areas because of devilish practices experience it such communities. Those who make use of magical or satanic power may make the giver poor as some people believe due to the former's wickedness. My advice is that true Christians do not need to fear and no one can make you poor as the power of God is supreme over others.

Help the orphans on Christmas day. The Christmas should be celebrated with the orphans. .
Help the orphans on Christmas day. The Christmas should be celebrated with the orphans. . | Source

Christmas can be celebrated with the orphans. You can bring out 2-3 hours of your enjoyment period and spend it with those who have no one to call their father or mother. Christians can go and shear love with them on the faithful day. You can even pick few out of the many and take them to

entertainment arena for there is nothing bad with it. It is good to give the orphans sense of belonging. Be their parents on Christmas day and give them some gifts. I must inform you that it is one of the best ways of celebrating the long awaited coming of Jesus.

Things to avoid in Celebration of Christmas

The birth of Jesus is celebration of good and not celebration of sin. Many have done many negative things because they want to celebrate Christmas. Again, blood had been shaded and people indulged in offensive activities because people really want to celebrate it. These bad actions are because they do not know and understand the typical meaning of the celebration.

It is good to celebrate with your female friend if you are a young man but the celebration does not call for any 'rough play'. Christmas day should not be a day to play 'roughly' with your girlfriend if you have any. I believe that you understood 'rough play' as used on this write-up. All youth should know the celebration day is not a day to go into a bedroom with opposite sex and engage in 'quick undressing action'. Two opposite sex who engage in 'quick undressing action' are endangering their lives. Many who are living with the popular disease in the recent time do not know they have it. So, celebrate your Christmas in peace by depriving yourself from any bad action.

Christmas is not a time for increasing cost of goods or rendering of services. It is clear to everyone that many citizens of different nations use the celebration as means of increasing the cost of goods sold in the markets. It is clear to all citizens of Federal Republic of Nigeria that businessmen and women increase the cost of goods sold when it is time for this celebration though the bad practice is not obtainable in some developed nations. Business dealers should know that it is period to show love to buyers by reducing selling price of goods and service. Making money through ‘cut corner’ should not be experienced among business owners during Christmas.

Christians should not eat or drink excessively on Christmas day. Any who should drink should drink normal.
Christians should not eat or drink excessively on Christmas day. Any who should drink should drink normal. | Source

Eat, drink and feel happy, but do not over do any of them. Excessive drinking on Christmas day can get you drunk and results to problem if care is not taken. If you drive to 'happening place' on a Christmas day and get drunk, driving the car back home by yourself can result to fatal accident which can result to the death of the car owner. What will the car owner tell whom he was celebrating when he gets to heaven? It is better to drink, but drink wisely on Christmas. Eating too much makes one dull and acts sluggish than when he takes appropriate quantity of food. When one becomes dull as a result of over eating, he may not be able to carry out all the functions he planned for the Christmas day. Also, over happiness can make people to do what they did not want to do before and should be avoided.


Do not mess-up or allow yourself to be mess-up on the Christmas day. Any Christian that wants to take any actions on the Christmas day should ask questions on whether such glorifies God's name or not. If it they do not, the actions should be cancelled.¾Once a time in Bethlehem, a beautiful Baby was born in a manger and that is why Christmas is celebrated. Content on this page entailed what to do on Christmas day. It also suggested some things that are not to be done on that same day. Finally, be wise and celebrate wisely, happy Christmas.


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    • Uzochukwu Mike profile imageAUTHOR

      Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P 

      4 years ago from Oba

      I will start by telling you that my first real name is Michael but the name was changed when mum enrolled me to nursery school to Mike and I was too small to know the reason.

      Thanks for your understanding and comment. We need to celebrate Christmas in the right way.

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 

      4 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      Uzochukwu Mike, First I have a question, is Mike your first name? It's a lovely name. My grandfather's name was Michael and my son in law's name is Michael. This was a very good hub. You are certainly right about not doing certain things on Christmas, they are not appropriate.

      I love my Lord and wish to honor His name by being thoughtful to those less fortunate then me. I am not wealthy by any means but am not exactly poor either. I deliver food to our local food bank and buy gifts for children who don't get any otherwise. I go to church also for Christmas and we do celebrate with family and food and gifts. I wish you many blessings.


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