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How to Celebrate White Day, the Japanese Holiday

Updated on December 17, 2012

In Japan, Valentine's Day and White Day go hand in hand. Valentines Day in Japan is where girls and women give chocolates (either handmade or store bought) to the men or boys in their life. Then, one month later on March 14th, the men and boys who were given chocolates give 'thank you' gifts of sorts to the girls and women. The holiday is called White Day because mainly the gifts given on this day are made from sugar, which is white.

In order to partake in White Day, you first need to have chocolates given to you. Some girls give chocolates as an act of friendship and others as an act of love. Keep note of that. You'll need it later!

You are given a whole month to get a gift for the special lady or ladies! Just be aware that there is a recited rule in Japan when it comes to White Day. It is referred to as sanbai gaeshi or "triple the return". That's right. You must give the girl a gift back that is at least three times the value of the chocolates she gives you. Most think this rule is unfair but, as a girl, I'm not complaining.

I bet you are wondering what to give your lover on White Day. Well, traditionally white lingerie is given in return. Just a tip though, if you are still in high school or don't have any romantic relationship with the girl, I probably wouldn't give that gift. Other gifts you can give are cookies, jewelry, white chocolate, and marshmallows. These gifts are merely suggestions. Any gift is really suitable for White Day. Most women like to be given flowers on White Day too.

Presentation is key here too. If you are to give a White Day present, just leaving it in their locker or on their desk will not do. If you are giving White Day presents as an obligation to a co-worker, then leaving it on their desk with a small thank you note will work. However, if you are giving the White Day present to a loved one or a friend, the best thing to do is present it to them personally. It will mean that much more to them. The only requirement is really is to make sure the item is white.

When giving a gift back, remember the meaning of the present. Some presents symbolize certain things and giving the wrong message is bad. If you give an expensive gift, most women would consider that as an act of love. If you want to give a gift for a friend, white chocolates are the way to go. For a crush or someone you like, chocolate candies. For someone you love, it is typical to get the person chocolate cookies.

Top 5 gifts to give on White Day

  1. A necklace
  2. A ring
  3. A handkerchief
  4. A bouquet of flowers
  5. Stuffed animals

I hope you can take this information and use them for your White Day. Remember that it really isn't about the gift, it's about the fact that you thought about them on that special day.

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