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How to Choose a Flattering Halloween Costume

Updated on October 3, 2012

How to look your best this Halloween.

Dressing up for Halloween is not for only kids. I love dressing up during Halloween, and a lot of my friends do also. When you dress up you want to look your best, weather it is a sexy nurse or a scary vampire, you want to know you look the best as you can. To look your best this Halloween there is a few tips for you to fallow.

  • · You do not have to buy a premade costume. You can buy and piece a costume together. You find the perfect costume for yourself. You may find pieces of your costume at theft stores, flea markets or specialty shops.
  • · Take your friends with you to shop. Not only well you have a good time but you will have honest opinions on what your costume looks like on you.
  • · Know your body type. If you are a pear or a hourglass or something else. Just like shopping for your everyday wardrobe your body type matters for your costume. Not every costume is made for everyone. Also take into account parts of your body you want to hide. Like myself I do not like to show my tummy so I try to buy a costume that hide or flatters that part of my body.
  • · Color matters. There are colors that look amazing on you and then there are the ones that don’t. I have olive skin stone so some yellow and greens make me look sick while red looks amazing with dark my hair. Your color might be pink, white, blue, red or a mix of bright colors. Pick the color of you costume by the color that looks best on you or one you love to wear.
  • · Make sure it fits. Even one size fits all usually does not. If you are a size 12 a small costume just is not going to look right, even if you can wear it. It well bunch up in all the wrong places. There is a saying that I love that says just because it zips does not mean it fits. The same goes into play here.
  • · Do not stick with trends. These costumes only are made to look good on a handful of people. Who cares what you favorite star was caught wearing this year. It might look amazing on her but it may not on you.
  • · Pick a costume that plays on your best feature. Weather it is your legs, waist, eyes, mouth or hair. There is something amazing about you and you need to play it up.
  • · Fabric matters. Let’s face today's customs like to be made from very cheap fabric, but this fabric does not look good on most people. Unless you are one of the ones that this fabric dose look good on stay away from this thin stretchy stuff.

These easy tips will make sure you look your best this year, and help you feel your best also. I wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween this year, and remember it is not just for kids you can have fun also.


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