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How to Create the Perfect Princess Anna Halloween or Dress Up Costume

Updated on September 6, 2016
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Tawnya is a freelance writer who LOVEs movies and televison series! She enjoys family movies and animated movies the most.

Princess Halloween Costumes are Extremely Popular

As the oldest sister of four girls, with the younger three being triplets, I had an instant connection to Frozen. While many Disney classics feature Princesses, Frozen was different. In this unique, soon-to-be classic animated Disney film, there is a princess and a queen. The two women are different physically and emotionally, but one thing is for sure...nothing and I do mean absolutely nothing can break their sisterly bond.

As anyone with sisters will tell you, bonds between sisters are intense and this movie symbolizes the good, bad, and downright ugly emotions that can erupt between two sisters. In addition to an empowering plot that I can truly get behind, the two main characters of the film are absolutely beautiful. With beautiful gowns, hair, and accessories, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna Halloween costumes are sure to be everywhere this year.

To make sure you create the perfect Princess Anna Halloween costume or dress-up costume, I have gone over everything you will need to recreate Anna's coronation look.

Disney's Frozen Anna Coronation Gown Deluxe Girls Costume
Disney's Frozen Anna Coronation Gown Deluxe Girls Costume

Your little princess will magically feel like Princess Anna at her sister's coronation when she wears this dress up gown. The quality and craftsmanship used to create this gown make it a great choice for Halloween or everyday dress-up.


Princess Anna's Coronation Gown is Green

There are tons of Princess Anna gowns available right now. To recreate Princess Anna's coronation gown look, you need the green gown that Anna wore to her sister's, Elsa's, coronation. This green coronation gown has embroidered detail and gold accents.

Get Princess Anna's Coronation Slippers

When most people think of Princess Anna's footwear, they imagine Princess Anna's tall boots that she wears while trekking up the mountain with Kristoff. While these boots are attractive and unique, they aren't the right footwear choice for the Princess Anna coronation gown look. Instead, you need the slippers that Princess Anna wore to the coronation celebration. If you don't want to opt for the designated coronation slippers, any black, simple ballet slipper would do.

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Differences between Anna and Elsa

Red with a streak
Platnium blonde
Desperate for companionship
Wants to be alone

Get a Princess Anna Wig to Complete the Coronation Look

If you don't have red hair, you can still complete Anna's coronation look with a red wig. Unlike the majority of the movie where Anna is wearing braided pigtails, the feisty princess has a much more reserved look for her big sister's big day. Check out the Princess Anna wigs below. If you want to recreate the look with your natural hair, look for the Princess Anna hair tutorial farther down.

Recreate Princess Anna's Coronation Up-Do with this Tutorial

Finish your Princess Anna Halloween or Dress Up Look with the Perfect Make-Up

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    • TJHousel profile image

      Tawnya 3 years ago from NE Ohio

      Thanks, Brite-Ideas!

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 3 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      looks good, I like your layout on this one too, it flows very well for someone looking for this costume