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How to Decorate for a Children's Pirate Party

Updated on February 20, 2012

Pirates are fun. If you have a little pirate that is having a birthday, here are some great ideas for hosting a Pirate Birthday Party. It is great theme for both boys and girls.

Suggested Things You'll Need for the Party or Gift Bags:

  • Chocolate coins (foil wrapped for coins)
  • Chocolate gold bars (foil wrapped chocolate bars)
  • M&M and Skittles candy, or similar candies (for some loot)
  • Plastic beads and bead necklaces (for gems)
  • Cheap costume jewelry
  • Bandannas
  • Paper or cellophane bags
  • Black toy eye patches with elastic or ribbon to hold in place (can make them yourself or buy in bulk at party stores)
  • Curly ribbon in colors like purple, blue, red, black, gold and silver (any color combination will work great)
  • Pirate pictures (see below, use a Polaroid or a digital camera and print out the kids pictures in costume)
  • Bottles, clear plastic bottles with lids (recycled from soda are great - for the craft below)
  • 3 x 5 inch plain index cards
  • Shells
  • Sand
  • Pieces of timber from a ship wreck (can be any wood scraps or wood from the fireplace)

Pirates need loot for their 'booty' and easy treat bags for the party include filling small paper bags with chocolate coins, M&Ms, Skittles, gold bars (gold foil-wrapped chocolate bars), and beads and gems. Inexpensive plastic costume jewelry works great here, as do large marbles. Just be sure all the candy and toys are age appropriate. The smaller kids would probably not have any marbles for example, or any small candy or toys.

Pirate Picture Craft and Party Favor: Bring out a Polaroid instant camera (if you still have one around) or use your digital camera and print out the pictures for instant pirate photos. Dress the pirates up in bandannas, eye patches, cosmetic jewels (like clip on gold hoops) for a real authentic look. Write each kid's name on the picture for them to take home as a memento. They can be easily downloaded from your camera and printed out on plain paper during cake eating time, or have someone helping you do this for you while you're attending to the kids.

Decorate the table with all kinds of curly ribbon in colors like purple, black, blue, red, silver and gold. Anything goes here, and it is a great way to use up all the ribbon that is sitting at the bottom of a craft box. Use colors like purple, metallic colors, red, blues, greens.

Sand on the table will help bring the 'ocean' to the pirates, and sand with shells and large pieces of 'timber from a sunken ship' will lend authenticity. Use any large twigs, sticks or even firewood from the fireplace.

Kids Activity Project: Message in a Bottle

For a great activity that all the kids can do together and take home with them is to make a 'Message in a Bottle'. Collect recyclable clear plastic bottles, and keep the tops. Clean, dry and remove all labels. 1 litre works well for this craft, and if you can find wide mouth containers it will make it easier. Using parchment craft paper, or any colored construction paper, have the children make secret messages on them. It could be a secret location written out of where the treasure is, their drawing of their secret loot is buried, or a message to another pirate. Roll them up and stick them into the bottles with sand, pebbles, marbles or glass beads. Seal up and have them take it home.


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