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How to Give Good Gifts at Christmas, Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

Updated on March 28, 2014

Many people have too much stuff in their homes. When you want to give someone a present think first if you gave them a physical present, would it bless them? There’s nothing worse than a trinket that someone doesn’t want, doesn’t like, but can’t throw out because “someone gave it to them”..

So here are some ideas on giving good gifts that will improve the life of the recipient and not add to their clutter.

Think consumable

The traditional gifts for women are flowers and chocolates, because flowers die and chocolates get eaten. This means flowers and chocolates can be given over and over again. There are other consumable gifts you can give such as theater tickets, restaurant meals, a hair or nail appointment. That way the recipient can enjoy an experience and not add to the clutter in their homes.

 By spending a little more you can pay for a weekend away or a vacation. Just make sure the recipient really wants to go where you have planned before you pay for it.

Think hand made

Nothing says “love” more than something handmade. It tells the recipient you thought about them and put not jut money, but time into their present. Handmade items can be more varied and more personal than store bought presents.

Gift cards or Money

Gift cards or money say, “I couldn’t think of anything to get you, so choose for yourself.” See the other suggestions for putting more thought into your present.

Be Imaginative

Think what that person needs in their life and see how you can help. When my children were small I would have loved for someone to offer to look after them and give me a much needed break. A delightful present would have been if someone offered to look after them for an hour or two. Similarly, your friend might love a housekeeper for a few months.


Don’t buy clothes for other people unless you are certain they will fit. Clothes really need to be tried on before they are bought. Don’t buy something you expect will be returned as it makes unnecessary work for the store assistants.

Recycled Gifts

If someone has given you something you don’t want and it’s still new, then feel free to give it to someone else. But make sure you are giving the gift because the recipient would really like it and not because you want to get rid of it.


Don’t buy your wife a treadmill if she didn’t ask for one. Period.

Think of the person you are giving it to

Most people buy things that they like themselves, but really think of the person you are giving to and ask yourself if they would like it also.

Presenting the gift

The presentation of the gift is important too. A gift well wrapped with a lovely bow on top is a delight to open. Think about timing, giving a gift at the right time makes it that much more special too.


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    • profile image

      Virginia 7 years ago

      Great ideas, Tina. My sister's birthday is the 12th. I may take her to the show. Then we both get to enjoy the gift...and time spent with one another.

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