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Cord Kits and Light Kits for Paper Lanterns

Updated on May 29, 2013

Hanging paper lanterns with lights infuses a welcoming ambiance and a soft and warm glow of light to an indoor or outdoor space and whether you are looking to hang them as just a piece, a cluster, or a lantern string, then arm your decorating tools and kits with these decorating accessories that are made for quick and easy DIY lantern lighting.


Single-socket to Triple-socket Light Kits.

These lighting accessories are pre-wired with a bulb socket and a male plug, and sometimes include a switch. They are useful for hanging a few pieces of paper lanterns at a corner or over a small space, such as using lanterns as an accent to inject an Asian inspiration to minimalist-styled living room, as pendant lights, or as hallway lights.

Pros and Cons:

  • Makes hanging and lighting 1 to 3 pieces of paper lanterns quick and easy.
  • Use light bulbs of the same wattage and lanterns of similar size on a single cord kit so your lanterns shed a uniform brightness.
  • Be sure to use the appropriate light kit, i.e., for indoor/dry outdoor or outdoor use.
  • Use low-wattage light bulbs.

Battery-operated Lantern Lights.

For wireless lantern lighting and when an electrical power source is not easily accessible, don't despair as you can actually rest your choice on battery-operated lights to illumine your paper lanterns. There are several types of battery lights that are available in the market, i.e., from battery-operated tea candles to mini flash lights, camping lights, and battery lantern lights, and, practically, any of them would make for a fine choice as long as you can secure them within the lantern's hollow.

However, when you think about quick and easy installation, then the specially-designed battery lights for paper lanterns would be the best choice. These are easily distinguished for their usually palm-sized design and they have LED lights on one end, a switch that is situated close to the latter so you can easily reach for it from the lantern's bottom aperture once the latter is hung, and a string for hanging. Using them is fairly swift and simple: Just insert its palm-sized device onto the lantern's top aperture up to midway the lantern's height, secure by winding the string around the lantern's metal wire expander, and hang to decorate.

Pros and Cons:

  • They are fairly energy-savvy since most of them are equipped with LED lights.
  • Best for hanging lanterns from a low height or within reach, considering, in particular, the need to turn them on/off individually.
  • For optimum lighting, choose the number of LED lights that is recommended for your lantern's size.
  • Usually suited for indoor and dry outdoor use.

Lantern String Lights.

There are at least two (2) types of string lights that you can choose for paper lanterns, and these are the:

  1. Party string lights, which make perfect lantern lights for the small paper lanterns; and,
  2. Outdoor string lights, which make perfect light strings for the medium-sized to large paper lanterns and for indoor or outdoor lighting.

Pros and Cons:

  • String lights make hanging several quantities of paper lanterns - whether of similar or different shapes, sizes, and styles - both possible and easy.
  • Finding a suitable media for holding the ends of string lights may sometimes pose a challenge.

Hanging lantern string lights not only helps to enliven and illumine the blank ceiling of a party space, like a wedding marquee, it also helps to lower the look of a high ceiling, let you create cloud-like array of paper lanterns on your party venue, or divide a wide party venue into functional units so as to emphasize, for instance, the dining area and the dance floor.


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