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How to Have a Big Time Rush Themed Sleepover Party

Updated on May 14, 2015

Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan will all be proud of you for putting on this Swagalicious BIG TIME RUSH Sleepover theme party! What you want to think about is the music, so essentially it will be a music theme party with the Big Time Rush guys as the highlights. Ideas for the party are...

  • Have a custom made banner up with Big Time Rush on it for the party at, concert posters, posters etc...
  • Host a look a like costume contest, You pick your singer and try to look like him. this will be fun for guys or gals!
  • Get some fake mics and do a video sing a long or lip sink, you could even post it to you tube just for fun!
  • Get together and cut out photos and pictures and make a collage of the guys, and their tours, If you have a lot swag, work together on a scrapbook.
  • Print out some trivia about the guys and find out how much you know about them.
  • Put together a glow in the dark swag bag
  • For invitations print out a concert type looking ticket with Big Time Rush on it!

  • For later: PJ party pillow fight, each person picks their guys name and then whomever is left on the bed wins a prize that is geared towards her man. Let's say she picked Carlos, so she would get a Carlos,coffee mug for hot cocoa. (put time limit on it or people will get hurt, and plan for more than one person to win!)
  • Just go to a web site that has personalize options and you can add the Big Time Rush guys names on just about anything.
  • Musical Chairs game, play the bands music!
  • You could do a mock party of windows down song, ride in a jeep, and go to the beach, write in the sand their name. Drink Juice from pineapples. set up a Slip and slide at night with tiki torches on the sides. (This could be a whole party in itself) have someone video tape it all and put up a mock video. Give the video as a gift after the party.

I will post links for more music theme ideas and tips on games. Have Fun!!!

P.S. If you want to go over the top you could hire a look a-like singer to preform for you at the party and pick up all the guests in a limo and return them in limo with all 4 look a likes!!!!

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